Teaser Trailer Drops for Hanukkah. I Do Love the Holidays!!

Hanukkah3You know I love my Holiday Horrors (see all the Holiday Horror reviews here)!! Name a holiday and chances are there’s a horror movie for it. One of the few exceptions is Hanukkah. There’s no horror movie with a Hanukkah theme … until now!! HANUKKAH is written and directed by Eben McGarr and stars Anything Horror favorite, Nick Principe (of LAID TO REST films; see my reviews here and here). Check out the plot crunch:

Obediah Lazarus is the son of Judah Lazarus, the original Hanukkiller. In 1983 Judah terrorized NY for seven nights and was preparing to sacrifice his eight-year-old son, Obediah, on the eighth night. Judah was convinced it was God’s will, like Abraham and Isaac, to sacrifice his only son to God. Luckily for Obediah, police tracked Judah down and stopped the sacrifice, but Judah was gunned down in the process. Warped by hatred with no guidance, Obediah Lazarus becomes a religious extremist, intolerant of non-Jews, “bad Jews”, and those he perceives to be enemies of the Jewish faith. He is about to unleash eight nights of horror.

A group of Jewish teens are getting ready to party for the holidays but are in for a Festival of Frights. With the help of a wise rabbi, they deduce that the murder victims have violated Judaic law and that their only chance at survival is to embrace their faith.

This one sounds really fun and my gut tells me this is gonna be rather heavy on the gore!! Now check out the teaser trailer and some of the teaser artwork (click on each picture for a larger image):

Stay Bloody!!!


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2 Responses to Teaser Trailer Drops for Hanukkah. I Do Love the Holidays!!

  1. gynocrat says:

    Oy gevalt! Obediah Lazarus sounds like of one of the lost sons of Ernest Borgnine from Deadly Blessing. Is he Hassidim? No one names their son that in modern Jewish-American culture. LOL! As as Slavic Jew I have to say that our culture has some seriously disturbing folklore, yet it’s never carried over into mainstream cinema (I still cringe when I see the way Unborn handled dybuks).

    Some say that Hostel is Jewish horror because Eli Roth made it–but I say Hostel is more Slav horror (which most seem to think should involve vampires). We all fear the backwoods Babia hora-rednecks we know inhabit Slovakia (yep its true, every Eastern European parent will warn you before you take you vacation in the Tatra’s! ^_-)

    I think to qualify as Jewish horror it should be about Jewish people; I’m going to give this one a chance, since SyFy hasn’t released any good cheesers this season.

    • I’m with ya, Gynocrat, on UNBORN. That had the potential to be pretty creepy and they blew it. I don’t think the writers fully understood what Dybuks are/were!!

      But HANUKKAH looks like it’s gonna be an over-the-top silly, gory horror slasher flick. I’m getting an exploitation/grindhouse vibe from this one, and I welcome it. I just hope it’s done clever enough!!