Michael Raso

Michael Raso

President and Executive Producer Michael Raso of Alternative Cinema/Camp Motion Pictures has announced some of the feature films they’ll be working on in 2013.  Check out the press release:



New York, NY – Continuing a 20-year-plus tradition of micro-budget production, licensing and marketing, Alternative Cinema / Camp Motion Pictures’ President and Executive Producer Michael Raso announced today the first four features in a 2-year production series to begin January of 2013.
First scheduled is BABYSITTER MASSACRE, a throwback to ‘80s slasher films, written and directed by Henrique Couto (FACES OF SCHLOCK).  Following is the horror-comedy-musical PHANTOM OF THE GRINDHOUSE, to be directed by Chris Seaver (TAINTLIGHT), along with the horror-comedy PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY (P.I.A). Summer of 2013 brings KILL, GRANNY, KILL!, a gore-filled exploitation throwback from writer and director Jacob Ennis (STASH, RED RIVER), with co-writer Gregory W. Brock.
Michael Raso commented,
“The production series is the newest endeavor in an ongoing campaign to support new and established filmmakers whose output embodies the spirit of ‘80s SOV (shot-on-video) DIY horror films.  This is my second opportunity to act as Executive Producer on a Jacob Ennis feature, and KILL, GRANNY, KILL! will be every bit as visceral and blood-drenched – if not more so – than his hillbilly horror epic, RED RIVER.  In regard to BABYSITTER MASSACRE, Henrique Couto produced his horror anthology FACES OF SCHLOCK while working for my company, and I’ve maintained an interest in his various pursuits since that time.  In the case of PHANTOM OF THE GRINDHOUSE and P.I.A., Chris Seaver’s Warlock Video imprint and prolific output has been on my radar for years.  Our shared love of ‘80s DIY movies and the video format (my Camp label released THE BASEMENT 5-Film VHS / DVD Collection last year) meant it was only a matter of time before we would collaborate on a project or series of projects.”
He continued,
“The four – six additional features planned for 2013-2014 are not yet set in stone.   I’d like to encourage any enthusiastic, micro-budget filmmaker who would like to be considered for the series to submit a treatment and budget proposal to Director of Business Development Paige Davis by the end of March 2013.”
The new productions will complement, not replace, Camp Motion Pictures’ Retro ‘80s series, scheduled to announce a new slate of DIY ‘80s DVD and VHS releases early 2013.
Comments from the filmmakers include, “I have been a fan of Michael Raso and his companies for many years and have always been impressed with the output of product and talent. One thing that has always struck me about Raso is the devotion to bringing DIY B-movie filmmaking to as many fans as possible, by way of actually pushing and promoting their films and filmmakers anyway they can. I am thrilled to be working with the company after all these years and I hope we can bring something fun and unique to the fans.” (Chris Seaver)
“I am thrilled to work with Michael on the film, our relationship has been excellent on my last two features he has distributed, so when he came to me about producing this project I couldn’t have been happier. There is no better home for Babysitter Massacre than Alternative Cinema.” (Henrique Couto)
“It’s been a while since we wrapped RED RIVER and in between my other projects, I just couldn’t shake the idea of shooting another horror film. The hours are long, the pay is minimal and the work is hard, but at the end of the day there is truly nothing like the experience. What’s been so crazy about this madness is that I have been throwing subtle hints Mike’s way for a while. One day he was like,  “what else you got?”, and basically that is where it started. I can’t say enough good things about Mike and Paige and the whole gang over at Alternative Cinema.  They trust us and what we are able to pull off. Having that creative freedom is very refreshing. It’s also very exciting to partner up with my AD and writing partner Gregory W. Brock once again for this project.  I’m just all around ready to get back to splattering some blood. This (new film) is gonna throw some people for a loop. It’s not quit the same type of backwoods films we have produced in the past. While it still has the southern feel, there is something darker and more demented about this project. Let’s shoot this bitch!” (Jacob Ennis)

Hhmmm … KILL, GRANNY, KILL! sounds promising!!  As soon as these films hit production I’ll have the updates for ya!!

Which ones do you think sound interesting?

Stay Bloody!!!

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