The Evil Doctor Mabuse Returns in 2013

Doctor Mabuse posterSome of your younger readers may not be familiar with the character, Doctor Mabuse. Mabuse first appeared way back in 1922 in the film, DR. MABUSE: THE GAMBLER, directed by Fritz Lang. The titular character went on to wreck havoc over eight more films that spanned into the 1960s. Well in 2013 he’s coming back!! Check out the first details and the first couple character posters. DOCTOR MABUSE being written and directed by Ansel Faraj, based on the characters created by Norbert Jacques. DOCTOR MABUSE stars Jerry Lacy as Mabuse, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker (from the original DARK SHADOWS tv series), Linden Chiles, Nathan Wilson, Bahia Garrigan, and Julian Grant. Check out the plot crunch:

Dr. Mabuse… hypnotist… genius… criminal mastermind… but who is he really? Inspired by the character created by Norbert Jacques and made famous by director Fritz Lang, Dr. Mabuse is returning to the silver screen in a brand new incarnation – directed by Ansel Faraj from his original screenplay. The film is currently in production for a 2013 release and stars Jerry Lacy (Play it Again, Sam) as the nefarious Dr. Mabuse and Nathan Wilson (Brother Drop Dead) as Inspector Carl Lohemann, who is put on the Mabuse case.

DOCTOR MABUSE is currently slated for a May 2013 release. Now check out some of the character posters.

Are you familiar with the character Dr. Mabuse and his films?

Stay Bloody!!!

Doctor Mabuse 1Doctor Mabuse 2Doctor Mabuse 3Doctor Mabuse 4Doctor Mabuse 5

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