CBS Announces Premier Date for King’s Under the Dome

Under the Dome posterAs reported by The Wrap, CBS recently announced that Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME will be a 13-part serialized drama about a small town in Maine trapped under a giant dome and will premiere Monday, June 24, 2013.  CBS is also planning on doing some big promoting for UNDER THE DOME:

CBS will give the series some high-profile advertising by airing promos during the Super Bowl, CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler said.  The show was one of several … to have its summer premiere date announced.

The series is of course based on King’s novel of the same name and is being produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.  Brian K. Vaughn, who was a writer on LOST, is writing the script.  A clip was shown during the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour and King was there to explain the clip, in which a plane crashes into the dome as it suddenly appears over the town.  Both plane and body parts fall to the ground, and as scarcity sets in, the story explores how people deal with diminishing resources.  The dome brings out the best in some and the worst in others.

I haven’t read this one but I read at the time it was released that it was a return to the good old fashioned “Stephen King” story:  great characters, great tension, terror, and many surprises along the way.

Have you read this one?  What’d you think of it?  Will you be tuning in to see how CBS handles it?  Will it translate to the small screen?

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3 Responses to CBS Announces Premier Date for King’s Under the Dome

  1. Bill says:

    Read the book, and enjoyed the hell out of it – Loads of fun, King storytelling at it’s finest. He creates a big universe, with trademark heroes and villains, and lets you love and hate them in ways you haven’t felt since The Stand.

    Through the 90’s and 00’s, the stories King was telling weren’t nearly as compelling as his 70’s and 80’s output, but he never lost the ability to actually TELL the story. He made even stories like Dreamcatcher and From a Buick 8 readable – if not great books, at least good storytelling… Under the Dome is, with the exception of Bag of Bones, his best book in at least 2 decades.

    That being said, I approach this news with a massive dose of trepidation, as television has only been kind to King once (Salem’s Lot, obviously) maaaaybe twice (depending on your feelings for The Stand, which wasn’t abysmal), and the other times television attempted adaptations they failed in what can only be described as SPECTACULAR fashion. IT was hard to watch (Really? John Boy?!), The Shining was a valiant but disappointing effort, The Tommyknockers was just sad, and The Langoliers – well, there are no words to describe the unintentional horror of this one).

    However, the television landscape is much different then it was the last time anyone tried to adapt King, so I won’t say that this WILL be a disaster… but I won’t be surprised when it is. I’d be much more comfortable with FX or AMC attached to this.

    • That’s great to hear about UNDER THE DOME, Bill. I’m up for a gret old-school King story. And I agree that his TV adaptations have been very hit & miss. A lot of people hated THE STAND but I thought it was pretty well done. Another one I really enjoyed (a lot) was STORM OF THE CENTURY. I loved the hell out of that one!!

    • I agree….due to the very nature of King’s books, his expansive universes and many characters, it’s hard to do his books justice on the screen. I imagine they may meld some of the characters together for convenience-sake (like in Dead Zone) and they’ll have to tame everything down a bit for prime time (can’t have gang rapes on network TV), but hopefully, the fact that this is serialized will mean they have more time to give the story proper fleshing out.