Entity Lands Distribution Deal with Darclight Films

Entity posterThe upcoming U.K. horror-chiller, ENTITY, has landed a distribution deal with DarcLight Films. ENTITY is written and directed by Steve Stone and stars Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley, Branko Tomovic, Rupert Hill, Oliver Jackson, and Michael David Worden. Check out the press release for more:

Darclight Films has snatched up the international rights for ENTITY and successfully secured a US deal with Brainstorm Media and Fangoria. The film made its world premiere to enthusiastic audiences at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival and played to equally dynamic fans at the Celluoid Screams Film Festival.

The new horror thriller stars Charlotte Riley (WORLD WITHOUT END, THE TOWN, WUTHERING HEIGHTS) who is also working alongside Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton in action sci-fi ALL YOU NEED IS KILL scheduled for release in early 2014. Cast also includes;Dervia Kirwan (Ondine), Branko Tomovic (Bourne Ultimatum, Interview with a Hitman).

Entity1“We’re honored to be working with Brainstorm Media and Fangoria again,” said Clay Epstein, VP of Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films. “We are thrilled that they’ve embraced ENTITY within their esteemed brand. Audiences trust them to deliver high quality genre-driven films and we certainly agree that ENTITY is a film that will undoubtedly resonate within their fan base.”

ENTITY is a horror thriller that slides back and forth through time in order to connect the dots to a terrifying mystery. The story begins in a remote forest where 34 unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves and despite subsequent police investigations, no official explanation for their deaths was ever offered.

The case was consequently closed.

Entity4A decade later, the crew of Darkest Secrets, a reality TV show dedicated to uncovering the truth behind unsolved crimes, embarks upon a location shoot in the same remote forest. Assisting with the expedition is Ruth Peacock (Dervla Kirwan) a psychic whom the crew hope can shed some light on the mystery, but when thegroup stumbles across a derelict industrial site, they begin to discover the reality behind the mystery and its terrifying aftermath.

Entity2“This is not a found-footage film. This is something else,” said director Steve Stone. “We are indeed proud that we have been able to deliver a film that looks and sounds as good as ENTITY does. We are also very proud of the fact that ENTITY was able to attract such a fantastic cast. But, above all things the single element of a great story was given the highest priority by all on this film – a story that will engage, chill and surprise an audience throughout its entire length. The film now has signed UK and International deals and we look forward to sharing those distribution plans as they evolve.”

“We’re looking forward to bringing this innovative film to audiences throughout the US,” said Steve Break of Naedomi, who closed the deal on behalf of Brainstorm. “We have something very special with ENTITY and can always count on Arclight Films for quality product that translates when it comes to both happy audiences and achieving (and often exceeding) our bottom line goals.”

Now dig on the trailer:

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2 Responses to Entity Lands Distribution Deal with Darclight Films

  1. Katie says:

    When I first read this, it seems like I had heard this plot synopsis before, so I am not too excited about it. However, once I watched the trailer, I might be able to get behind this one. It looks really well done. I might have to check it out after all.