Ready for the Next Found Footage Bigfoot Flick? This One Also Has a Bobcat!!

bigfootIf you only know Bobcat Goldthwait from the POLICE ACADEMY franchise, then you don’t know Bobcat!! This comedian turned filmmaker has a brilliant and extremely creative mind that needs to be experienced to be believed. Currently Bobcat is throwing his hat into the found footage ring and will be making a Bigfoot/Sasquatchploitation flick.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Goldthwait has already completed his next movie entitled WILLOW CREEK, a cinéma vérité-style film about Bigfoot. ‘m really curious to see what Goldthwait does with this subject matter. I’m really surprised by how many people out there really wholeheartedly believe that Bigfoot is alive and well. Knowing Goldthwait’s mind, he could really have a great time with this material. According to Bleeding Cool:

Willow Creek will be a found footage film about bigfoot. Perhaps there’s been too many of those recently, but this one isn’t a schlocky horror picture. Goldthwait has apparently mixed satire with some suspense and, overall, his film is apparently rather driven by “exploring the idea of bearing witness.”

Makes sense of it being a found footage film, right? And also makes sense of it being Bigfoot.

Because I’m told there are various characters in the film who believe they’ve seen the elusive Sasquatch and they give differing accounts, even come to fight over it. Goldthwait uses this for some observations on faith and religion.

I’m really looking forward to this one. You?

Stay Bloody!!!

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