Limited Edition Night Of The Living Dead Posters Now Available has teamed up with artist Jason Wright to create some original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD posters.  Check out the details below:

Artist Jason Wright has a zombie comic called Undead End coming out soon, so we thought who better to tackle NOTLD then a zombie comic artist.  The poster is printed on 10 mil Satin Poster Paper, a composite archival material which holds up well against humidity. The ink is Solvent Inkjet Ink that stands up well against scratches, has great UV resistance and still retains great color.  The poster is comes in two versions, b&w & color.  They are limited to 50 each and are signed and numbered by J. Wright.  We are only selling them for 25.00 each.

Check out both versions below:



If you’re interested in purchasing these posters, and I know you are, click here.

Stay Bloody!!!

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