Bloody Hammer Films Presents Honky Holocaust & Short Film, No Thanks

Bloody Hamer Films has been busy lately.  They’ve recently released the Thanksgiving gorefest-exploitation short film, NO THANKS, and they are currently hard at work on the feature length flick, HONKY HOLOCAUST.  NO THANKS is directed by Thomas Delcarpio and Paul M McAlarney, is written by McAlarney and Chris Hurley, and stars Hurley, Lucas Fleming, Tony Kress, Shahjehan Khan, James Baglini, Ashley Reynolds, and Kristin Laurel Coffray.  NO THANKS is described as “an exploitation splatter film/native american revenge film that occurs on Thanksgiving.”  I think that’s pretty accurate.  Check out the entire short below:

Okay, okay … let’s ignore the fact that the “Native Americans” are more white than the “typical white family” … I like the energy in this quickie.  But now the guys at Bloody Hammer Films are fast at work on the no budgeter, HONKY HOLOCAUST.  This one is described as an “antiracist exploitation film.”  Sounds interesting.  HONKY HOLOCAUST is written and directed by Paul M McAlarney and stars  Maria Natapov, Lucas Fleming, and Krisoula Varoudakis.  Check out the two teaser trailers below for HONKY HOLOCAUST:

Looks fun to me.

Stay Bloody!!!

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