Hemlock Grove Gets a Release Date & Drops a New Clip

Hemlock Grove posterThe upcoming Netflix series, HEMLOCK GROVE, has dropped a new clip and a release date. All 13 episodes of the first season of the Eli Roth-executive produced series will be available exclusively on Netflix beginning April 19, 2013. And if I understand today’s technology, the series will then be on YouTube on April 20, 2013!! The first episode of HEMLOCK GROVE, “Jellyfish in the Sky,” will be directed by Roth and stars Famke Janssen, Lorenza Izzo, and Marty Adams. Check out the plot crunch:

From executive producer Eli Roth and based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name, Hemlock Grove is a riveting one-hour murder mystery that revolves around the residents of a former Pennsylvania steel town. When 17-year-old Brooke Bluebell is brutally murdered, any of Hemlock’s peculiar inhabitants – or killer creatures – could be suspects. Through the investigation, the town’s seamier side is exposed, revealing nothing is what it seems. Beautiful, terrifying and graphic,Hemlock Grove is unlike anything else in its genre.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a strong TWIN PEAKS vibe from this one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. TWIN PEAKS is still the best show to ever air on TV (suck it, LOST). Check out the new clip below titled, “The Monster is Within”:

What do you think? I canceled my Netflix account long ago. Is HEMLOCK GROVE enough to get you back to Netflix? Check out HEMLOCK GROVE on Facebook and Twitter and look for the series in mid-April.

Stay Bloody!!!

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16 Responses to Hemlock Grove Gets a Release Date & Drops a New Clip

  1. Paul Spoltore says:

    Just finished a marathon viewing of all the episodes – and this show is fantastic! Can’t wait for Season 2 to be available. I was going to cancel my Netflix membership but this is enough to make me keep it going.

    Great work Netflix for developing your own content!

  2. ree says:

    this show is so dam good, I watch all 13 episodes in two days I love it

  3. gail says:

    when is the second season coming!!

    • A second season hasn’t been officially announced, but Netflix announced that it got a better response from subscribers than House of Cards, and that’s already filming its second season, so fingers crossed…

    • Hasn’t been announced if its even coming back. I think it will; it got decent enough ratings.

  4. Candy says:

    I watched the whole first season.i loved it.cant wait for the second season

  5. Yay! Can’t wait.

    • This one looks interesting, AlienRedQueen!!

      • Have you seen the British TV show Jekyll? I was really pleasantly surprised by that one.

      • No, AlienRedQueen … haven’t seen that one. Did you see it’s American counterpart? I forget its names but it was a doc who would turn every night at a specific time. It lasted 2 episodes before it got pulled & cancelled!! Lol

      • Not surprised. I don’t even know why they bother Americanizing British shows. For one thing, lately, the British shows I’ve seen are usually superior to a lot of recent American drama on TV… For another… British people speak ENGLISH! There’s no reason to remake a British show. Do they think Americans are SO ethnocentric they can’t even watch a British show? Who knows…maybe some are…

      • I have no idea what their logic is behind remaking British TV shows. I don’t think that Jeckyl/Hyde show was an American remake. It was apparently just a shitty American show!! Lol

      • That shitty show was DO NO HARM. Ironically, it did no one any good! LOL