Chucky Gets His 1st Licensed Mobile Game With Slash & Dash

chucky banner

To really understand Chucky you need to BE Chucky!!  Chucky’s been terrorizing audiences since 1988 but is finally getting his first official game, CHUCKY: SLASH & DASH.  Slimstown Studios is behind the project, which is still in development for both iOS and Android smartphones/tablets.  In this endless runner game, the FIRST officially licensed smartphone/tablet game based on the Chucky franchise, you’ll find yourself playing as Chucky, stuck in a never-ending nightmare endlessly running around the Good Guys doll factory floor, catwalks, warehouse and sometimes outdoors while avoiding conveyor belts, fork lifts, acid pools, barrels, etc.  It sounds like Temple Run with a killer doll!!


But don’t fret, Chucky does more than just run around.  Chucky can take out security guards with his trusty knife or get adventurous with weapons like a cleaver, screwdriver or hatchet.  There’s also the need to collect batteries for power-ups (double battery bonus, fast start or extra lives) or use for in-game purchases.  But enough of my rambling, check out the game teaser:

This one sounds like it could be pretty fun.  For updates on CHUCKY: SLASH & DASH, you can check out their official Facebook page.

Stay Bloody!!!


2 Responses to “Chucky Gets His 1st Licensed Mobile Game With Slash & Dash”
  1. Xenolicker says:

    Mmmm… i think Chucky is at his best in a cosy home environment, this news won’t get a chuckle out of me…


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