Official Sales Artwork for Sharknado 2 Hits the Web

sharknado 2 banner

You knew that there wouldn’t be too much time that passed before more news on SHARKNADO 2 hit the web!!  Last we heard The Asylum settled on a name and a release date for the film.  There was a contest held on social media outlets where anyone could write in to name the upcoming film.  Of all the names they received, there were over 5,000 titles submitted, The Asylum settled on SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE.  I gotta admit that I felt pretty let down by the choice.  I just know that there were more creative titles submitted than just “The Second One”!!  But I digress.  The producers have also slated the target release date as July 2014.  That’s not to far away.  Now we’ve got the sales artwork for the film:


No concrete plot details have surfaced for SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE other than the fact that it’ll take place in New York City.  I’m sure plot details will be dropping soon!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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