Artwork Drops for The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence


It’s been a while since we last heard any news about the upcoming THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III: THE FINAL SEQUENCE.  But now I’ve got more goods for ya.  Some artwork has dropped and the final cast has been announced.  Writer-director Tom Six has also confirmed that his HUMAN CENTIPEDE films will indeed be a trilogy and this will be the final installment.  The first thing you’ll notice about the cast is that this film has attracted some bigger names than the previous two films.  The cast includes Eric Roberts, Robert LaSardo, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Bree Olson, Tom Six, Dieter Laser, and Laurence R. Harvey.  No word yet on the official plot, so just enjoy the first artwork released for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III: THE FINAL SEQUENCE.

Stay Bloody!!!


6 Responses to “Artwork Drops for The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence”
  1. changeling69 says:

    Hey….I haven’t seen I & II yet, let alone III:):)!!!!


    • Skip 1 & go right to 2.

      Trust me!!


    • Well, changeling, you don’t really have to see the first one; it’s fairly restrained and clinical and rides mostly on the concept behind it than anything explicit. The second one, however, seems to want to compensate for the first movie by being balls-out explicit with blood, gore and gruesomeness. And the second isn’t really a sequel to the first; the only connection between the two movies is that the protagonist of the second is the Number One Fan of the first :-)


  2. Xenolicker says:

    Hmm… Bree Olson… that name rings a bell… but i can’t exactly place it…


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