Check Out Danny Trejo go 20FT Below This March

20ft Below posterOh come on … who isn’t a fan of Danny Trejo?? The man’s got 276 acting credits under his belt and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. From his roles in the genre like THE HIDDEN, MANIAC COP 2, MACHETE, and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN to his non-genre roles in films like HEAT, DESPERADO, and CON AIR, Trejo is a damn fun actor to watch. Coming this March 18, 2014 from Vertical Entertainment is Trejo’s newest film, 20FT. BELOW: THE DARKNESS DESCENDING (also known as REDEMPTION: THE DARKNESS DESCENDING). 20FT. BELOW is directed by Marc Clebanoff, written by Frank Krueger, and stars Trejo, Kinga Philipps, Frank Krueger, John Hennigan, and Tiffany Adams. Check out the plot crunch:

In this pulse-pounding thriller, an eager, young documentary filmmaker ventures below the bustling streets of New York City to shed light on the homeless population living in abandoned subway tunnels. But once underground, she discovers a much darker reality than ever imagined.  

In the depths of the massive, shadowy labyrinth, far beyond the reach of the law, dwells Angel (Danny Trejo), a mysterious and ruthless man, rumored to be leader of a dangerous cult. 

When the outside world threatens to tear apart the fragile and forgotten subterranean  society, Angel’s wrath is unleashed, sparking an all-out war of good vs. evil.  But in the darkness, it’s hard to tell right from wrong …

Trejo the leader of a murderous, underground cult? Sign me the f**k up!! Dig on the trailer below:


Stay Bloody!!!


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