Colin Clarke’s Short, Witchfinder, Now Available to Watch Online … & I’ve Got it Here!!

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witchfinder-posterThis is great news. What as easily my favorite horror short of 2013, WITCHFINDER, is now available to watch online and I’ve got it for you right here on Anything Horror. WITCHFINDER (my review) is written and directed by Colin Clarke and follows a righteous man who after putting a witch to death realizes that a witch’s curse might just live on even after death. Check out the plot crunch:

A small community lives in fear of the satanic evil that festers within the dark forests that surround their small village.  One night, a love-struck villager ventures into the oppressive woods in search of forbidden magic and ancient rites.  To aid them, the townsfolk enlist the aid of William Thatcher Blake, a witch hunter whose arrival stirs a cauldron of terror that threatens to engulf them all in a bloody pit of horror!


WITCHFINDER stars Dave Juehring, Valerie Meachum, Travis Worthey, Nicole Kilmer, and Chloe Koneiczki and this short has simply torn up the festival circuit winning awards left and right. Check out the complete short below and enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it.

Stay Bloody!!!

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