No Country is Safe … Are You Ready for the World of Death?

World of Death iconSay what you will about the VHS films and THE ABCs OF DEATH. For better or worse they helped to revive the horror anthology format. When done right, the horror anthology is a beautiful thing (think the original CEEPSHOW). When done poorly, the horror anthology is just about as painful as having a parasite swim up your pee hole (think DEATH BY VHS, NIGHTMARE ALLEY, V/H/S … the list goes on). Now we’re getting another anthology coming our way and this one, not unlike THE ABCs OF DEATH, has an international flavor to it.

The anthology is WORLD OF DEATH and it boasts a collection of over 200 filmmakers from 25 countries into one project. Check out the press release:


Death Has No Borders

World of Death brings together the talent of over 200 filmmakers from 25 different countries in a compilation of short horror films that will terrorize, astonish, disturb, and excite genre fans across the globe. Everyone will be able to find something to make them sleep with the lights on. No country is safe!

World of Death isn’t just a compilation, it’s a community. Consisting of over 200 filmmakers plus their casts and crew, World of Death includes independent talent of every age and level of experience… From all over the globe!

In the coming weeks World Of Death will be released on VOD, DVD, and Blu Ray. To keep up to date with World Of Death go to the links below and see what your country has in store for you.

Check out the following countries that are currently involved:

World of Death countries

No word yet on a release date but you can keep up to the minute on all news that is WORLD OF DEATH through social media. Check out their official website, Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Now check out some stills from WORLD OF DEATH.

Stay Bloody!!!

World of Death1

World of Death2


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7 Responses to No Country is Safe … Are You Ready for the World of Death?

  1. changeling69 says:


  2. gynocrat says:

    I mentioned this to my spouse, to wit he replied: the world has truly embraced the ‘short attention span theater’. Do you think the rise of these multiple short film collections has to do with making films for ‘the handheld device’ audience?

    • I think that’s part of it, Gynocrat. I also think it’s the risk factor. If you have 4-5 stories chances are you’ll have at least 2 solid ones. This way people will walk away “liking” the entire anthology based on 2-3 solid stories.

      • gynocrat says:

        With ABC’s I loved the Dogfight one– but I stopped watching at ‘Pressure’. >_> So I hear ya.

      • Dogfight was brilliant, Gynocrat!! I think there were may 3-4 others that were good, but overall you didn’t miss a damn thing!! lol

        I don’t even remember what Pressure was about!! haha

      • gynocrat says:

        Pressure was the one about the mom being forced to do what no streetwalker would be caught dead doing, on a normal day. 🙁 Meow.

        Perhaps I hadn’t gotten over Libido yet…

    • I think these types of films are ultimately cheaper to make.