Prometheus 2 Lands a New Writer

Now that some time has passed I can readily admit that I was very easy on PROMETHEUS in my review. I saw the good things in that film and unlike most audience members and reviewers I understood completely that PROMETHEUS wasn’t a goddamn prequel to the ALIEN franchise!! It still annoys me to this day that people bash that film for nor being a direct prequel. But in many interviews Ridley Scott repeatedly said that PROMETHEUS was not a direct prequel. That’s like being mad at CHRISTMAS VACATION for not being a prequel for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!!


So yes, I stand by my review of PROMETHEUS and how much I loved the basic story but admit I could have been a little more critical of the finer details. I’m only human. But now with the announcement of PROMETHEUS 2 not just moving forward but getting a writer, my expectations are again on the rise.According to The Wrap, seasoned writer Michael Green has been hired to rewrite the PROMETHEUS sequel. The original draft was written by Jack Paglen, who wrote the upcoming scifi-drama TRANSCENDENCE starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. There’s no details as to why there’s a complete rewrite being done, but it seems they hired the right person in Michael Green. Sure, sure he wrote the abysmal GREEN LANTERN film, but more recently he’s been working with Ridley Scott on the new BLADE RUNNER film.

Green was hired to write “Blade Runner” back in May 2013 and he is currently finishing a polish of the script. While Alcon and Scott Free are keen to start production on that project, the “Prometheus” sequel is in first position for Scott. The sequel has become a priority project at Fox, as the first film grossed more than $400 million worldwide.

writer Michael Green

writer Michael Green

The PROMETHEUS sequel promises to be more “alien-y” and focus more on horror elements than just straight up sci-fi elements. The Wrap also notes that the sequel is expected to feature multiple ‘David’ androids. More “Davids” on screen means more Michael Fassbender which is a good thing.

Fassbender co-starred as an android named David whose remains, by the end of the film, help sole human survivor Shaw (Noomi Rapace) launch an Engineer spacecraft bound for their home planet. The last shot featured an alien creature bursting out of an Engineer’s chest, and a sequel will likely incorporate that terrifying development.

It sounds like they’re moving in the right direction and that they’re listening to what the fans want. I hope the new script doesn’t completely ignore the “alien architects” storyline, but I’m all for seeing more horror elements and ALIEN references in this one!!

What will you be looking for in a PROMETHEUS sequel?

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3 Responses to Prometheus 2 Lands a New Writer

  1. Xenolicker says:

    More Davids? Eeh… no. This sounds way to gay again. I want Vickers back! The Deacon finds a little spat of blood from the “crushed by crashed engineers ship” Vickers and turns into an exact replica of her. Then the Vickersmorph seduces David with her mysterious alien ways and together they then plant a deadly virus and a hot craving for engineers in the body of Shaw. They head for their planet where Shaw has sex with a lot of Engineers who all die and then Vickersmorph and David breed a gigantic army of Alienrobots and invade earth, where they will be defeated by the Avengers, of course.

  2. jokelly65 says:

    I cant wait. I just watched Prometheus again last night.

    My one wish for new years was no more reboots, re imaginings and cop outs by Hollywood, I knew I should have bribed that chubby little baby new year but nooooooo.

  3. katie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Prometheus. If people would have paid closer attention, not only to the interviews with Ridley Scott, but to the movie itself, there were several clues to it not being a direct sequel! it had great concepts and I look forward to the sequel. Of course, though, I will be expecting a more direct link to Alien with this sequel though. 🙂