Friday the 13th Reboot Eyes Director David Bruckner To Helm

director David Bruckner

director David Bruckner

We all have to accept that FRIDAY THE 13TH is getting another reboot. I guess it needs it after the horrible fucking 2009 remake. Paramount and Platinum Dunes have been talking about a reboot for a little over a year now and previously put a second FRIDAY THE !#TH film on hold. But I guess they feel the time is right to flood theaters with yet another standard, shitty remake/reboot.

Anywho …

Recently The Wrap reported that genre director David Bruckner is in negotiations to direct the reboot.

Genre veteran David Bruckner, who wrote and directed the “Amateur Night” segment of “V/H/S,” is in negotiations to direct the “Friday the 13th” reboot for Paramount and Platinum Dunes,The Wrap has learned.

Paramount had no comment.

No official plot details have been announced yet but I’m assuming the FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot will be about a bunch of “teenagers” being played by actors and actresses in their 30s going out to the woods and getting killed. If the producers here are smart they will hire Derek Mears to play Jason once again. Mears was the only good thing about the 2009 film.

It’s also unclear whether or not the reboot will use the old found-footage gimmick. Personally a FRIDAY THE 13TH film told as a found footage flick sounds horrible. We’ll see. 

Bruckner is an interesting choice. He jumped onto the horror scene with 2007s THE SIGNAL (one of my favorite films) but really hasn’t done much since. But Bruckner was one of three directors on THE SIGNAL (along with Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry). His latest directorial effort was 2012s V/H/S. He directed the first story “Amateur Night.” In short I hated V/H/S … it was a poorly written and executed fucking disaster.

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot has a lot of obstacles to overcome. We’ll see if they can pull something watchable off.

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3 Responses to Friday the 13th Reboot Eyes Director David Bruckner To Helm

  1. James says:

    I liked the 2009 reboot… although probably for the wrong reasons. It was really great satisfying SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki beat the shit out of Jason. I remember cheering at my screen when I saw it. “Yeah go on Sam!” . And Sam should be able to beat up Jason, because he along with the show is awesome! Fun times indeed 😛

    Seriously if they had changed Clay’s name to Sam and made it so he was looking for his brother rather than his sister, then you would have had a very run of the mill episode of SUPERNATURAL… ummm maybe slightly below average but still enjoyable enough.

    Reboot could be good. Maybe it darker and less cheesy I say. The 80’s weren’t trying to go for cheese, that is (at least in part) what made them good in my opinion.

    • That’s the nail on the head, James!! Horror films from the 80s weren’t trying to be cheesy or cheeky or clever or “meta”. People making horror films in the 80s were simply trying to make good horror films that out did last years offerings. Sure not everyone was successful, but even the bad 80s films are more enjoyable than most of todays horror films!!

  2. Lear says:

    I love a classic , I think they should go for it with a little spin on it but not to much in maybe get some rappers on there or just a few known actors.