6 of the Joker’s Darkest Moments that Won’t Make it into the Suicide Squad Movie

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With the upcoming release of the SUICIDE SQUAD movie, people, your’s truly included, seem to have some pretty hardcore opinions on the new look of the Joker (played by Jared Leto). I think he looks like a reject cashier from Hot Topic. That, then, led me to think about some of the really dark moments the Joker had in comics books. Let me be clear right off the bat that I am not writing about the Joker from the movies. This article will exclusively focus on some of Mr. J’s dark moments from comic books.

Joker skinned

The Joker Rapes, Forces a Guy to Masturbate, & Skins a Guy

This comes from the 2008 graphic novel titled simply, Joker. This characterization of the Joker borrows heavily from Heath Ledger’s Joker from the movies, but the Joker here is way more violent and depraved. In fact, this might be the darkest Joker ever put on page.

In this story, the Joker takes on a new “business associate,” Jonny Frost. I guess Jonny is the only person in the world who wasn’t familiar with the past antics of the Joker, and Jonny quickly realized he was in over his head. After the Joker finds out that Frost had a meeting with Two-Face, he snaps.The Joker proceeds to rape Jonny€™s ex-wife. I guess this wiped away Jonny’s transgression!!

But wait!! If you think being a rapist is the worst thing the Joker could do, then read on. The Joker then forces a bank president to commit a horrible act. The reader doesn’t exactly get to see what happens, but there i€™s plenty of speculation and evidence that points towards the Joker making the bank boss masturbate over a picture of his own daughter. Go ahead … I’ll wait here while you go take a shower.

Oh, there’s more!! This is also the story where the Joker skins some poor bastard (who has the name of Monty). He skinned him from head to toe. Yeah … this is definitely one of, if not the, darkest, most twisted version of the Joker out there.

Joker killing joke

The Joker Cripples and Then Rapes Barbara Gordon

Next to Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is one of the best Batman stories out there. In it we get am origin story of the Joker. He was apparently a stand up comedian who, after having a really bad day, snapped and embraced his violent side.

in The Killing Joke, the Joker decides to prove to Batman that anyone could wind up like himself. All it takes is one bad day. The Joker focuses his attentions on Jim Gordon and aims to break his mind and soul and turn him into a depraved killer. He starts off his plan by breaking into Gordon’s home and crippling his daughter, Barbara, by shooting her through the spine. Then while she is bleeding on the ground, Mr. J rapes her in front of her father. Day-um!! That is just wrong!

Joker superman

The Joker Breaks Superman

This story comes at us from Injustice: Gods Among Us. If you’re not familiar with Injustice, this is a really fun video game that spawned a comic book prequel. In the opening scenes of the game, we watch as Superman punches a hole in the Joker’s chest. Sure, this is a horrible act, but it is made all the more horrible due to the fact that Superman is the moral compass of DC. Hell, Supes is a friggin’ boy scout!! So what exactly did the Crown Prince of Crime do to drive Superman over the edge and abandon his own moral code?

Well, i just so happens that the Joker had completely shattered Superman€™’s world. The Joker tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child, as well as destroying Metropolis and millions of innocent citizens. (Ya gotta admit, that’s a pretty good one, Joker!!). This goes to show how strong a character Batman is. All this s**t the Joker has put Batman through, he could never break the Dark Knight. But he managed to break Supes, and he paid the price.

Joker Drake

The Joker Tortures Tim Drake … A Lot!!

We all remember what the Joker did to Jason Todd, right? Well, what he does to Batman Beyond‘s Tim Drake is worse. No, seriously!! Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is one fantastic, critically acclaimed cartoon, and it is also one of the Joker’s most twisted showings. In this story it is revealed that the Clown Prince is back and is tormenting a future Gotham. The Joker, here, is essentially using the middle-aged Tim Drake€™s body as a vessel to turn the former Boy Wonder into a clone of himself.

During Batman Beyond€™’s run, we really didn’t learn much about either Tim Drake or Dick Grayson, but in Return of The Joker we find out the horrible truth behind Tim€™’s story. It turns out that the Joker and Harley Quinn abducted a young Drake, and while holding Tim hostage, the sadistic duo tortured him for three weeks solid. Yes, three weeks!! They even made him look like the Joker!! During this torturous time, the Joker also managed to break young Tim, who revealed all of Batman€™’s secrets.

Of course there’s a huge confrontation where the original Batman comes out of retirement to save his protege and a big fight ensues, but the important take away here is that the Joker tortured a young boy for three straight weeks!! The continual, unending torture of a young boy isn’t usually something that general audiences enjoy watching in their movies.

Joker glass

The Joker Kills Innocent People with Poisonous Shards of Glass

In the Lovers & Madmen story arc, the Joker seemed a little out of place and out of characters here compared to the Joker we got in The Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs, but this is a pretty fun arc. In it, the Joker is once again tormenting Gotham and unleashes a blimp over the city. The GCPD do their best, but it explodes high above Gotham. But the explosion wasn’t what the Joker was after. The explosion causes poisonous shards of glass to rain down on the citizens of Gotham, and in no time, the sidewalk is littered with sliced-apart innocent people, with the Joker’s signature ear-to-ear grin (the glass was poisoned with a toxin). This seems like is might just be out of place on the big screen. Maybe?

Joker poisoned kids

The Joker Poisons a Group of Kids and Breaks His Own Neck

Frank Miller’s The Dark Knigh Returns is largely considered one of the best Batman stories around, and rightly so!! In this story, Batman returns to fighting crime after a long period of dormancy. Unfortunately, Batman’s return sparks the return and resurgence of the Joker to crime. While the first half of The Dark Knight Returns depicts the Joker as a near-comatose mute, the second half of has the Clown Prince returning to what he knows best — committing heinous acts of crime and violence.

What does the Joker do that is so horrible? First, he poisons a group of kids with tainted cotton candy. As if killing a group of innocents isn’t bad enough, when those innocents are children, this takes the Joker’s depravity to a whole new level. But the Joker wasn’t satisfied quite yet. After the Joker’s and Batman’s final battle, which left the Joker dead, it turns out that the Joker broke his own neck and made it look like Batman killed him. Even in death, the Joker got the last laugh.

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