Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: True Love in Horror Films

Yeah, you read the title of this article correctly. This horror list is all about those rare couples in horror films who have made us all jealous of their true love for each other. Some are human, some are monsters, some are humans who love monsters and vice versa. But one thing stands, the couples below can teach us all a thing or two about true love.

RE-ANIMATOR (1985; my review)

You had to know this film was going to be somewhere on this list!! Besides this being a classic horror film, Re-Animator is also a love story at heart. Okay, maybe not, but ya gotta admit that Bruce Abbott’s character Dan Cain loved Barbara Crampton’s Megan Halsey. In fact, he loved her to death and beyond. This film is actually a twofer. Besides Dan and Megan’s love, we also get to experience Dr. Hill’s … er … “love” for Megan. Yikes!!

KING KONG (1933, 1976, 2005)

The classic tale of a huge gorilla and his love of a vapid blonde. Sure, the love wasn’t reciprocated, but that’s just a small detail.


Possibly the oddest, most disturbing threesome ever captured on film. Joe brings home a dead corpse for he and his wife to enjoy sexually. As if this isn’t twisted enough, it turns out Joe’s wife loves the corpse more than she loves Joe!! Must be seen to be believed.

BAD BIOLOGY (2008; my review)

This is a true love story if there ever was one about two soulmates finding each other. Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) was born with seven clits and is unable to be sexually fulfilled by any man. Now, meet Batz (Anthony Sneed). He’s been injecting strong steroids into his schwantz for years and has developed a huge, mutant cock that, at times, has a mind of its own. If any two star-crossed lovers were destined to meet and fall in love, it was these two knuckleheads.


Of course this film makes this list. This is the classic, if not original, tale of love between monsters. I watch this film at least once a year. If you ask me, “why?”, then you’ve missed an essential aspect of your horror education. Watch this with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

PSYCHOS IN LOVE (1987; my review)

In the crazy dating scene, you don’t often meet up with someone who shares your exact interests. Well, in this film, two serial killers bond over their penchant for killing, and even fall in love with each other. But what happens when a cannibal moves into these two serial killers’ neighborhood? See how their love is tested in this very twisted film.


Motivated by the loss of his true lone, the titular Candyman is a broken-hearted anti-hero. He’s a slave executed for impregnating a wealthy white woman, and his undying love for the woman spurs his lust for blood and revenge. And, oh yeah … this is based on a short story from Clive Barker, so you know the worlds of gory horror and impassioned love will merge with gruesome results.

SPRING (2014; my review)

Here’s the tender story of an American guy who buys a one way ticket to Europe and ends up falling in love with the woman of his dreams. Who happens to be a monster. But he doesn’t know it. But he finds out. But he doesn’t care. This is the closest you’ll get to a Lovecraftian-romance. This film is both beautiful and horrifying, and shows that true love can see beyond the monstrosities of your mate.

NEAR DARK (1987)

Caleb falls for Mae. Caleb will do anything for Mae, even runaway from his family to join hers. Did I mention Mae was the member of a group of vampires who live, hunt, and kill together? Even when Caleb’s life is spiraling out of control and he is faced with the choice of kill or be killed, he never loses his love for Mae or gives up hope that he can have both a normal life and the girl. Such a classic love story!! This is a vampire classic and deserves more than one viewing.


This love story takes on a slightly different slant. Jeremy Irons plays the dual roles of Beverly and Elliot Mantle–gynecologist twins who have a talent in treating women with abnormal genitals. They both fall for one of their patients, and this bizarre love triangle results in some very disturbing and abnormal behaviors. This is a David Cronenberg film, so you know it is going to be twisted.

What are some of your favorite horror love stories? Sound off in the comments section below.

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