Sisters of the Plague Now Available on VOD & DVD

The horror thriller, SISTERS OF THE PLAGUE, is now available in digital and DVD formats. The film is being praised for taking a new approach to the standard old possession flick (which is enough for me to see it). Sisters of the Plague is directed by Jorge Torres-Torres, is written by Torres-Torres and Jason Banker, and stars Isolde Chae-Lawrence, Josephine Decker, Eva Dorrepaal, and Thomas Francis Murphy. Check out the plot crunch:

Jo enjoys leading haunted house tours around New Orleans. But when her father moves into the house she shares with her girlfriend, terrifying supernatural things start really happening. Seeking a medium’s help, Jo finds she is facing something way beyond her control. Jorge Torres-Torres’ intensely creepy film echoes the cult classic POSSESSION in evoking horror from a fractured romantic relationship.

Now dig on the trailer:

What do you think? Does Sisters of the Plague have what it takes to inject some new blood into the tired old possession genre?

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