Spook Lights Southern Gothic Horror (2015)

I, much like a lot of avid readers have a mile long collection of books that are currently in the queue waiting to be read.I know I have all the good intentions in the world to read them, but sometimes a certain book comes along and you just have to bring it to the forefront for an immediate read. Eden Royce’s, Spook Lights Southern Gothic Horror, a collection of horror short stories is one such read.

Released in 2015, Royce self-published her cultivated horror shorts into a well crafted blend of folklore, highlighting the now almost extinct Geechee people and their language of Gullah, which is a mixture of both English and several African languages. This love of tradition really helped to propel this book into the must read category.

author, Eden Royce

encompasses 12 horror fueled tales that although they draw inspiration from an unknown cultural, the stories are relatable to the real world as well as the horror world. The collection tackles infidelity in the Hag Ride, a failing marriage in With The Turn of the Key, to the strength of a woman in Path of the War Chief, just to name a few. The flow of the stories are engrossing and engaging, with stories ranging in length from 14 pages to 6 pages and all page varieties in between.

What makes this collection stand out is the fact it doesn’t run through all the worn out storylines, that many horror collections get bogged down with. Royce has made Spook Lights into it’s own striking collection with stories wrapped with a visionary cultural influence and presents it in a vivid way that will appeal to all varieties of horror fans.

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