Slashback Thursday: Horror Films of 2001

It’s 2001 turn on the slab and there was quite a variety of horror for fans to consume. We had another installment in the Friday the 13th franchise with Jason X. There was foreign fare with Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone and Takashi Miike’s Ichi the Killer. If those weren’t to your liking there was Valentine, Thirteen Ghosts, From Hell, and The Wayans Brother’s Scary Movie 2. Here’s a few 2001 horror that got my attention.

The Others – Starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart, a mother whose children suffer from a rare allergy to light. As the family resides in their gothic estate, Grace starts to believe there are other occupants of the supernatural kind inhabiting their home. When the trailer was initially released, it provide a great creepiness factor that translated well throughout the film. What I really enjoyed about The Others was that it managed to take the old true blue tale of ghosts and turn it around to give horror audiences a much needed change.

Frailty – With the passing of Bill Paxton I’ve seen a lot of people revisiting this film and others discovering it for the first time, either way it’s one horror film that shouldn’t be missed. Directed by Paxton, Frailty is an amazingly crafted horror film that weaves in all the elements that makes good horror great. Set from a son’s point of view, who enters an FBI agency and unravels the story of his upbringing with his hyper religious father who became a killer in the name of God to rid the world of demons. This has been on my top 10 list for years and will always remain there.

Jeepers Creepers – When brother Darry (Justin Long) and sister Trish (Gina Phillips) coming back from Spring Break unknowingly get caught up in a creature’s feeding frenzy. There was and still is controversy with the film’s director, Victor Salva and his conviction for child molestation. But, despite that it did still spawn a franchise and although the 3rd film is still in a holding pattern and the 2nd film seems to have fallen by the wasteside for most horror fans. Jeepers Creepers still seems to live on after all these years.

Session 9 – Often overlooked, Session 9 was that great under the radar horror film that didn’t get the due it deserved. The film tells the story of an asbestos crew cleaning up an abandoned asylum, but when the asylum’s history starts haunting the crew the lines of reality and supernatural get blurred. It has several moments of atmospheric creepiness and although I felt David Caruso chose a horror film because he had limited options, he still put in a solid performance.

Joy Ride –  Directed by John Dahl, Joy Ride was an example of a film that was better than it was perceived to be. Starring the late Paul Walker, Leelee Sobieski, Steve Zahn, and written by uber producer J.J. Abrahams, Joy Ride was the ultimate cat and mouse game. When Fuller (Steve Zahn) decides to have fun with a trucker over the CB radio, his actions lead to deadly consequences for his friends. This film tapped into the fear every traveler has had and even though it wasn’t a massive hit in horror it did spawn it’s own franchise.

Hannibal – There were a lot of misgivings about this film due to the fact that Jodie Foster would not be reprising her role as FBI agent Clarice Starling. Instead audiences got Julianne Moore as a replacement, which was by no means a downgrade. This sequel to The Silence of Lambs finds our favorite cannibal enjoying his life in Italy, but his killing ways have not subseded and Starling is back on his trail. Even with the casting change up, Hannibal was still true to the franchise and stepped up the cannibal’s game to a whole new gory level.

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