Giant Ants Attack in New Trailer for It Came From the Desert

Here’s a film about giant, radiated ants attacking people in the desert, and this is not a remake of 1954’s Them. It Came From the Desert is the film adaptation of the video game of the same name that came out for Sega Genesis back in 1989. It Came From the Desert is written by Trent Haaga, Hank Woon Jr., and Marko Mäkilaakso, who also directed the film. The movie stars Mark Arnold, Claudia Trujillo, Vanessa Grasse, Harry Lister Smith, James Alper, and Alex Mills.  Need a plot crunch? Seriously? How about, giant ants terrorize people in the New Mexican desert. Does that work for ya? Dig on the trailer:

Those are some messed up looking ants!! No word yet on a release date, but stay tuned. As soon as I know, you’ll know.

Stay Bloody!!!

Is the poster for Ant-Man 2??

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