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If you’re like me, then horror movies are a big part of your collection. If you’re looking to expand out that collection, here’s a rundown of a few horror films that are currently available for pre-order.

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s successful horror film comes to blu-ray on May 23rd. This release includes digital, ultraviolet and dvd copies as well as alternate endings, Q&A’s with director Peele, deleted scenes and more.


Stuart Gordon’s classic Re-Animator gets the blu-ray makeover with a release date of July 25th. This is a limited edition, 2-disc set that includes all the bells and whistles like a collector booklet, commentaries, interviews, deleted scenes, trailers and more.

The Fog & They Live

These John Carpenter’s classics are both limited edition steelbook with a release date slated for August 1st. It appears they do not have any additional features from the previously released collector’s edition blu-ray, which you can buy here. Although, I do know that steelbook editions are a nice addition to a collection.

The Belko Experiment

Greg McLean’s (Wolf Creek) cubicle life gone awry hits blu-ray with a release date of June 27th. It appears to be the standard release with no other features other than the film itself. Hopefully by the release date they will have added some special editions.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Andre Ovredal’s (Trollhunter) film comes to blu-ray on June 27th. Although much like The Belko Experiment, this looks like a standard release, other than releasing both a blu-ray and dvd copy. I do hope they will add some additional features prior to the release date.

Grimm: The Complete series

For the Grimm fan, the complete series will now be available on blu-ray on June 13th. This collection is housed in a replica book like the one that Nick (David Giuntoli) used throughout the series. Some seasons have more extras than others, it does come with a steep price tag of $137. If you already own all the previous seasons and are just looking to complete your already established collection, Grimm season 6 will be released on the same date.

Don’t Torture a Duckling

Director Lucio Fulci’s (Zombie) controversial horror film gets the 2 disc special edition blu-ray treatment with a release date of August 15th. It includes audio commentary, interviews, collectible booklet with new artwork as well as both English and Italian soundtracks.

What upcoming horror films are you looking forward too? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

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