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Summer gives thoughts to beach trips, summer games, hot days and cools night. But, if you’re like me, summer consists of too much hot weather, too much sun and a dying desire to complete various video games I’ve been putting off for way too long. In between avoiding the sun and trying to look productive, I like to catch up on my long list of horror books that continue to eye me during all the other seasons. If you are looking for some horror fare to include in your summer adventures, checkout a few books I highly recommend.

Penpal – Initially I had thought this would be a collection of short stories from the horror site creepypasta. Instead what I got was an engrossing tale of a man remembering his childhood, which involved the abduction of his childhood friend. Authored by Dathan Auerbach, he weaves a seemingly normal childhood into a unnerving self-examination of the dangers of adolescence. Buy Penpal.

HorrorStor – Written by Grady Hendrix and set in an IKEA style store, a group of workers band together to investigate some strange occurrences that have been happening in their store. But, as the investigation gets underway, the group realizes they maybe over their heads and might not make it through the night. At times it is a painfully slow read, but I polished off this book in a matter of days, because it was just that good. Buy Horrorstor.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Confidential – Gunnar Hansen will always remain one of the most recognized icons in our industry and with his passing on November 7, 2015, makes this book all the more to cherish. I thought this book would delve more into Gunnar’s life before TCM, with only a few chapters spared to the actual goings ons in the film. However, Gunnar takes the reader on a journey of the film from beginning to end and after the film was released. He gives set secrets, how he became Leatherface and his belief on how this film was truly financed. This is a fast paced, great read for any and all horror fans. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Confidential here

David Wellington’s Vampire Series – If you like serial books like I do then David Wellington’s vampire saga fits the bill for great summer reading. Vampire’s are officially extinct, but when State Trooper Laura Caxton responds to a late night call, it appears that vampires may not truly be gone. Caxton soon teams up with FBI Agent Arkeley in figuring out the truth behind the resurgence of vampires. This series expands over 5 books, with Wellington intertwining vampire lore along with the working relationship of Caxton and Arkeley and wraps it all together in an engaging horror ride. 13 Bullets (Book 1), 99 Coffins (Book 2), Vampire Zero (Book 3), 23 Hours (Book 4) and 32 Fangs (Book 5).

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