Horror to Watch on Hulu…..Yes, I said Hulu

No, that was not a typo I said horror to watch on Hulu. I know a lot of people have bypassed using Hulu, due in part to the comfort food style binge watching that Netflix so effortlessly provides. Even with Stranger Things being the cornerstone of the site and even acquiring Cult of Chucky shortly after its release, I’ve seen horror fans grow weary of the limited section and at times less quality or quantity.

So, I thought why not combine my love of list creating and horror and give a quick overview of some great horror that Hulu has to offer. You can click the link below to checkout my curation of Hulu horror, as well as take a peek at my other horror lists.

Horror on Hulu

What horror films are you watching this season? Let me know @horrorevilqueen or follow my horror adventures on Instagram.

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