Anything Horror Scott’s 5 Favorite Horror Comics

There’s nothing I love more than the horror genre and comic books. I grew up collecting comics and still do to this day. It’s not often that a genuinely scary comic comes along, but when it does it is pure heaven. The Vault of Horror, Weird Tales, and Tales from the Crypt are all classic horror comics, but they really weren’t scary. Below is my list of my five favorite scary comic books that will have you turning on the lights before bedtime.

Comic Neonomicon

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Jacen Burrows
Four Issue Run

No writer influenced and changed the world of comic books like Alan Moore. The man essentially created the graphic novel, redefined what a superhero was, and wrote some of DC’s best comics (his work on The Saga of Swamp Thing was nothing short of genius). Neonomicon, in short, is a terrifying read. It’s full of genuine scares and is accompanied by some fantastic artwork. Neonomicon is only a four issue-run, but is brutal, scary, and so goddamn effective. Every horror fan needs to read this Lovecraft-inspired madness!!

Comic Severed2

Writer: Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft
Artist: Attila Futaki
Seven Issue Run

Severed is a seven-issue horror mini-series that is set in the U.S. during 1916. It’s about a cannibal boogeyman who assumes various identities to hunt down, kill, and eat children. I tore through the pages of this one and read all seven issues in one sitting. The story beautifully builds until the utterly terrifying and suspenseful climax. Don’t miss this one.

Comic Echoes

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Five issue Run

Here I switch gears from creatures to a wholly human monster. Writer Fialkov describes his Echoes as a horror/noir graphic novel and I think that’s a pretty damn accurate description. Echoes is a murder mystery from the viewpoint of Brian Cohn, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. This makes him a very unreliable source, and he may or may not be continuing his father’s legacy as a serial-killer. Echoes is marked with strong story-telling and has dark and moody artwork that beautifully sets the atmosphere. Echoes is an intense ride into the depths of insanity with a schizophrenic acting as our tour guide.

Comic Nailbiter


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Mike Henderson
Ongoing (currently at twelve issues)

Welcome to Buckaroo, Oregon. It’s a pretty plain town where not a lot of exciting things happen. This town, though, is known for one peculiar fact: Buckaroo, Oregon is the birthplace to sixteen of the worst serial killers the world has ever known. Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase, “There’s something in the water!!” An NSA Agent teams up with notorious serial killer Edward “Nailbiter” Warren to track down an FBI agent who went missing while investigating the town of Buckaroo. We get creative kills, lots of gore, and the lines between the hunter and the hunted become blurred. Nailbiter will have you turning the pages at a frantic rate while at the same time being afraid of what might be on the next page.

Comics Crossed2

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Jacen Burrows
Currently 209 Issues

This is one twisted, sick, depraved, and disturbing comic book, and I love every blood-drenched page!! Crossed is about a zombie-like virus that turns it’s victims (called “the Crossed”) into something other than brain-eating, mindless creatures. The Crossed are driven by the over-whelming desire to torture, rape, dismember, and mutilate any and all uninfected human beings. The infected’s desire to kill and destroy even goes beyond people. They see animals and buildings as fair game and unleash their rage on those things as well. Crossed is published by Avatar books and I applaud them for giving writer Ennis free rein with his twisted vision. Crossed is the most extreme, horrifying, and disturbing titles out today.

What’s your favorite scary comic book? What makes it so scary?

Stay Bloody!!!

Comics Crossed

George Romero Bringing Zombies to TV!!

Empire1The Daddy of the Dead, George Romero, will be bringing his epic comic book story, EMPIRE OF THE DEAD, to television. We haven’t seen the Uncle of the Undead since he wrote-directed 2009s SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, to mixed reviews, but since then has created and written the Marvel comic book, EMPIRE OF THE DEAD. This is a fifteen-issue miniseries that began in 2014. In May 2015, it was announced at Cannes that the production company Demarest, the company that backed Kevin Smith’s TUSK, was developing the comic book in to a TV series. The series will be written by Romero and long time collaborator, Peter Grunwald, and Romero will also executive produce.

EMPIRE OF THE DEAD is set in New York City years after a zombie plague has nearly wiped out the human population. Now the vampires are poised to claim what’s left of Earth. I’m liking that Romero branched out and left his comfort zone by including vampires. This one should be interesting.

Stay Bloody!!!

Empire george

Afterlife With Archie Now on Sale

Archie cover1If you don’t keep up with the ever-changing world of comic books, you may not realize that the ARCHIE comic has gone through a major overhaul. The biggest difference is that it is now a horror title. I already covered the upcoming ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO title being released on July 22, 2015, but there are other really fun horror-themed ARCHIE comics as well. In May we saw the first issue of ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR, and just recently issue #8 of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE went on sale. Award-winning writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla collaborate to bring the apocalypse to the world of ARCHIE that is both gruesome and heartbreaking. Seriously, this is a great comic!! Check out the plot crunch:

“A Ghost Story.” Contrary to popular belief, the current zombie outbreak is not the first time a shadow fell across Riverdale and its citizens. As the survivors hunker down in a hotel to wait out a snowstorm, Hiram Lodge and Mary Andrews relive the darkest chapter of their town’s history. Ten years ago, the adults of Riverdale struck a terrible bargain with the witches of Greendale, setting the stage for the present-day apocalypse.

You can check out the cover artwork above and the variant artwork, as well as some pages from the comic, below. I bought my copy today and I can’t recommend this book enough!!

Stay Bloody!!!

Variant cover artwork
Variant cover artwork







Sharknado Goes to … Riverdale??

Crossovers can be a lot of fun. It’s always fun to see your favorite novel turned into a movie, and it’s fun to read the novelizations of your favorite films. I’ve also enjoyed many of Clive Barker’s films and novels that were turned into comic books and graphic novels. If crossovers are up your alley, then I have The Mother of all crossovers for you. The popular, scratch-your-head-at-its-success franchise SHARKNADO is headed to Riverdale to give us an ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO comic book one-shot.

Archie is used to dealing with some dark material. Currently, Archie is taking on everyone’s favorite space-hunter species in the bloody ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR comic, and in the past Archie and the gang teamed up with the rock group Kiss and the kids from GLEE. ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO is written by Anthony C. Ferrante, who directed all three SHARKNADO films, with art done by ARCHIE comics’ own Dan Parent. The Syfy channel and ARCHIE comics have announced that the “shark-tacular” (their words, not mine) 48-page comic one-shot will be released in comic shops and digitally the same day Syfy premiers SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO, on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

This one should be interesting.

Stay Bloody!!!

Sharknado&Archie poster

Soska Sisters Release Graphic Novel, Kill Crazy Nymphos Attack!

They’ve made their mark on film and now  (a.k.a., the Soska Sisters) are hoping to make their mark on the world of graphic novels. Check out the press release:


Needless to say, we’ve been at it again. It’s no secret that a major influence on us and our work have been graphic novels. We truly feel some of the greatest stories ever told have been through them. They exist, by in large, without censorship and without budgets, allowing some of the most provocative, unapologetic, honest, and unforgettable story telling there is limited only by their creators’ imaginations. 

Today is a glorious and happy day for us as we announce our very first original graphic novel, KILL-CRAZY NYMPHOS ATTACK!, our collaboration with one of our favorite and most inspirational graphic novelists of all time, Daniel Way.Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack! is an original graphic novel presented in a grindhouse/exploitation film style. It’s irreverent and raw but, at the same time, it’s a story–an actual story with a beginning, middle and end–that’s infused with relevant social commentary. 

The story centers upon Purvis Gunt, a malcontent and pervert who works at a pharmaceutical lab. Purvis is obsessed with having rampant, porno-style sex with nearly every woman he sees but it’s never gonna happen for him because, in addition to the fact that he’s married, he’s revolting in every possible way. So he turns to science for a way to cheat the situation, using the resources of the pharmaceutical lab to create something that will cause women to lose any and all inhibition or restraint and fill them with uncontrollable lust. Purvis, however, is a terrible scientist. What he cooks up is a virus that fills women with not only a lust for sex…but for blood.
When the virus gets out and infects the female population of the small town where Purvis lives, carnage ensues and it’s up to Purvis, disgraced priest Father Osorio and super macho but sexually ambiguous SWAT officer Mack Diesel to contain the situation before woman-hating US President Pole drops a nuke on the whole goddamn mess.
Interior art by Rob Dumo, cover by Dave Johnson, and colors by Joe Totti.
As with our films, you’ll see us tackle some serious social and gender issues in a loud, take no prisoners, whimsical, and altogether maniacal manner. The graphic novel will be filled with iconic, complex, cosplayable characters, including ourselves, for the first time, appearing in graphic novel form as the “Sister Sisters“.
This project is in full creative control of ourselves and the brilliant Daniel Way, so we’ll be launching it via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is more of an online store where we are offering exclusive items and experiences that are only possible by donating. Our incentives are our way of giving back to our fans who have been so incredibly supportive of us and our work. 
And KILL-CRAZY NYMPHOS ATTACKS! is exactly the unadulterated insanity free from any restrictions, creatively or budget wise, that our audiences have been waiting for. 
Our campaign launches tomorrow, but you’re special, so you get a sneak peak (lucky you), so here’s an advanced look at our campaign:


Daniel Way: After being awarded a Xeric grant in 2000 for his first self-published work, “Violent Lifestyle”, Daniel Way was immediately approached by Marvel Comics and asked to contribute to the Spider-Man series, “Tangled Web”. Over the next 14 years, Way wrote nearly all of Marvel’s major characters, including lengthy runs on “Wolverine: Origins” and “Deadpool”, a series for which he wrote a record number of issues. In addition, Way was the lead writer for Activision’s Deadpool videogame, released in 2013. A lifelong fan of horror and exploitation films, Daniel is excited to bring his wildly irreverent, darkly humorous and action-packed style of writing to this project.

Rob Dumo: Rob is an artist from Buffalo, New York. Currently art director for Broken Icon Comics, he’s also a regular contributor to the web comic The Gutters. Other past work includes “Robyn Hood” for Zenescope Entertainment and “Nightmare Unknown” and “Chosen & Forsaken” for Broken Icon Comics. He’s also artist and creator of the upcoming “Eccentrix”. His online portfolio can be viewed at LLC
Founded in 2012, COMiXchannel is a multimedia entertainment company that works with established creators to bring original, comics-based content to the market through both traditional and non-traditional means. Inquiries should be addressed to comixchannel@gmail.comTWISTED TWINS PRODUCTIONS
Canadian identical twin sister writing and directing duo Jen and Sylvia Soska, known as the “Twisted Twins”, first broke onto the scene with their DIY love letter to Grindhouse filmmaking, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The film quickly grew into an award winning, critically acclaimed, cult classic sensation, even getting the attention of director Eli Roth (HOSTEL) who praise it saying, “it’s fucking awesome”. The Twins went on to follow up their break through indie gem with the accomplished and genre defining AMERICAN MARY that place horror icon KATHARINE ISABELLE in the title role of Mary Mason, a medical student who gets drawn into the world of body modification and underground surgeries. “Fucking amazing. Extraordinary. A really superb picture. Katharine Isabelle is awesome”, hailed horror legend Clive Barker (HELLRAISER). The Soska Sisters have gone on to be very outspoken about equal rights across the board including but not limited to the LGBTQ community. They’re actively involved in promoting blood donation and create a new PSA for it every February in celebration of Women In Horror Month, on which board they serve. 

2014 was a big year with the Soska Sisters bringing a new life to SEE NO EVIL 2 where they resurrect the WWE Studios franchise with WWE Superstar Glenn “Kane” Jacobs reprising his role as Jacob Goodnight and scream queens Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle appearing together for the first time. As well, the Twins will be part of the all star director line up on ABCs of Death 2 in a segment that will both shock audiences and be destined for cult status where they reunite with AMERICAN MARY break out star Tristan Risk and numerous other familiar faces from the horror scene. Always ones to surprise their audiences and keep everyone guessing with what they’ll do next, the Soska Sisters completed their first film outside of horror, a balls to the wall, no holds barred action film with Lionsgate and WWE Studios called VENDETTA starring Dean Cain, Paul “The Big Show” Wight, and Michael Eklund like you’ve never seen them before.

Stay Bloody!!!

Get Your 1st Look at George Romero’s Empire of the Dead #1

Empire_of_the_Dead poster2Back in October of this year it broke that the Godfather of Zombies, George Romero, would be taking his vision of zombies conquering New York City to the realm of comic books.  Now with the help of Marvel Comics and artist Alex Maleev, Romero is telling his latest instalment in his zombie universe, EMPIRE OF THE DEAD, in a fifteen-issue limited series that has New York City infested, not only with zombies, but with vampires as well.  Yeah … read that last part over again.  Check out the press release below as well as some panels from the upcoming first issue:

When the dead fight the dead – where does that leave the living? Marvel is pleased to present your very first look at Empire of the Dead #1 – from zombie godfather and horror visionary George Romero and Eisner Award winning artist Alex Maleev!

Welcome to New York City years after a horrifying plague has swept the nation. The Big Apple is a quarantine zone – but that doesn’t guarantee safety inside! Flesh-eating zombies roam within the remains of Manhattan – and they are not alone. Vampires lurk in the shadows as well, feasting on the living and the undead alike – and no one is safe!


“Like a surgeon, George Romero is once again using the horror genre as a scalpel, cutting through the surface of everyday life to expose society’s undercurrents,” said editor Bill Rosemann. “One could say that the vampires are the Haves and the zombies are the Have-Nots. And us poor humans? We’re the ones getting caught in the crossfire of their escalating war. It’s a violent clash indeed, and Alex Maleev is bringing this undead battle to horrifying – but beautiful – life!”

What happens when the undead invade the city that never sleeps? Find out when Empire of the Dead #1 shambles into a comic shop near you this January!

Variant Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM

I’m really excited to see Romero’s take on vampires and how flesh-eaters and blood-suckers are gonna occupy the same areas.  I’m hoping for a three-way battle between zombies, vampires, and humans.  Bring it on, George!!

Issue #1 in the 5-issue series is slated for a January 2014 release.  Are you looking forward to this?  What do you think of the addition of vampires into Romero’s zombie universe?

Stay Bloody!!!

Empire_of_the_Dead_001_Preview_3 Empire_of_the_Dead_001_Preview_4 Empire_of_the_Dead_001_Preview_2 Empire_of_the_Dead_001_Preview_1 Empire_of_the_Dead poster


Script for Nemesis Gets Creator Mark Millar’s Approval

Nemesis posterAre you familiar with NEMESIS?  This is another graphic novel from the mind of Mark Millar.  It’s about a superhero, kind of.  Well, if you’re familiar with Millar’s works you know there’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to his works.  NEMESIS is no exception.  A few years ago 20th Century Fox swooped up the rights to turn this popular graphic novel into a film, but it has been met with some hurdles.  Mainly that director Tony Scott was set to direct (Scott took his life in August 2012).  Originally  Joe Carnahan was going to write the script and he still is.  But he’ll also be taking over the director’s chair and his brother, Matthew Michael Carnahan, was brought on to co-write the script.

Recently reported that the script is completed and Mark Millar read the script and gave back his opinion.  To say the least, Millar was highly impressed with the script the brothers wrote.  Check out Millar’s evaluation of the script in his own words:

How can I put this?

Nemesis is one of the most relentless and powerful screenplays I’ve ever read. I was actually SHELL-SHOCKED after reading it, thinking about it for hours afterwards and discussing it with the family. As a movie, the Carnahans have crafted something we’ve never actually seen before and I feel like someone in Julia Phillips’ office must have felt when Schrader’s TAXI DRIVER script first landed on their desk. This is going to be one of the best movies of the decade. The fact that it’s a SUPERHERO movie is incredibly exciting to me. This is the next step for where a comic-book adaptation can go and, simply as a viewer, I’m now counting down the days until I can sit in a screening room and see the first cut.

This is going to be MASSIVE.

Mark Millar
Mark Millar

There’s nothing else I can really say. I’ve been blessed with the people adapting these Millarworld books so far, some of the best writers and directors currently working in film, but NOTHING prepared me for this. This is huge, operatic, tragic, monumental. This is about America right now and the world the audience is walking back into the second they leave the cinema. Nemesis is about America’s worst nightmare in the form of a costumed billionaire attacking a city and doing everything he can to tear it down. The high concept, it’s been said, is if Batman was The Joker and that’s quite a fun way of looking at it. The cop who goes up against him, the Blake Morrow character in the book, is going to be a movie icon after this picture. I don’t know who’s going to be playing him at this stage, but I know that after reading the script everyone is going to WANT to.

It seemed odd to me in the economic downturn that we’d all be rooting for a costumed billionaire out there fighting poor people in Gotham City every night. That’s what was in the back of my mind when I first sat down to write the book, this notion that richest guys on the planet could actually be the most terrifying. But what Joe and Matthew have done with this is practically alchemical. I joked to Joe on the phone last night that he’s basically a brilliant plastic surgeon who has taken a decent-looking individual and turned them into a sex-bomb.

This is my new favourite movie and it’s still a year or two away from anyone even seeing it. It’s going to be the biggest and smartest action movie we’ve all seen in a very, very long time.

Get excited.

You can’t help but get excited when the creator of NEMESIS himself is this excited.  I highly recommend you go and read NEMESIS.  It’s pretty badass.

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to seeing this?

Stay Bloody!!!

Romero Brings His Dead to New York City in Comic Book Form

Empire of the Dead romeroIt was a matter of time before Romero’s zombies hit the Big Apple.  They started off on a small farm in Rural Pennsylvania, then invaded the Monroeville Mall (also in Pennsylvania), and then made their way to the Florida Everglades.  Now he’s coming to New York City in a 15-issues miniseries from Marvel comics titled, EMPIRE OF THE DEAD … debuting in January 2014!!  Why comic book form, you may ask.  SImple:

“I could never afford to shoot [in NYC],” Romero, 73, says with a laugh.

Pretty practical!!  What can we expect from EMPIRE OF THE DEAD?

It’s still the major metropolis everybody knows but a few years into its zombie apocalypse. Some things have reverted to a prior state — there are sheep grazing in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow. Yet there are strong social and political elements: The mayor is one of the main characters and a female member of the living dead starts to show some real smarts.

Bub, the 1st "intelligent zombie" in 1985s DAY OF THE DEAD.
Bub, the 1st “intelligent zombie” in 1985s DAY OF THE DEAD.

So it looks as though Romero is going to further explore the idea of intelligent zombies that he began in 1985 with Bub in DAY OF THE DEAD and explored a little more in 2005s LAND OF THE DEAD with the zombie character, Big Daddy.  I’ve said many times before that I’m really not a fan of the “intelligent zombie” in Romero’s world.  I didn’t mind Bub mainly because that was something different.  But the idea that zombies can be civilized and taught to behave and live side by side with uninfected humans just doesn’t do anything for me (obviously this could have huge social and political themes for Romero).  Romero also promises that there there will be a big twist in EMPIRE OF THE DEAD that will reverberate throughout all his zombie films.  I’m thinking we’re finally gonna get the cause and origin of the zombie virus/outbreak.

Romero originally wrote a 300 page EMPIRE OF THE DEAD script but soon realized that no studio would finance the large budget that’d be required to film it, so he brought the idea to Marvel.  Marvel jumped on it.  According to, one of the main themes in the miniseries will be, could zombies coexist with humans if the undead became more intelligent?

Empire of the Dead romero2

“These zombies are starting to show sparks of real care and concern for each other,” Romero says. “I’m not going to go all the way to Omega Man where they take over the world, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. We’ve got some new rules and new characters, and we’re taking it in a completely different direction.”

“It’s basically Chicago or Detroit. The city isn’t destroyed, but it’s just running on its engine, corrupt and no holds barred. It’s a little bit like the Old West,” says Romero, a lifelong fan of comics.

“That’s what I’m talking about now. There’s hardly any morality anywhere, except of course for our heroes.”

I’m definitely excited to see where Romero takes this story considering he doesn’t have the constraints of budgets.  What do you think?  Are you into seeing where the man who single-handedly created the zombie genre takes it?

Stay Bloody!!!

BOOM! Studios to Relaunch Hellraiser … in Comic Book Form

helldarkGood news for all us HELLRAISER fans. We’ve been hitting some hard times lately with the film series (ain’t that putting it mildly!!). But good news is coming. In February 2013 BOOM! Studios will relaunch the HELLRAISER comics franchise with HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH, an all-new ongoing monthly series co-written by creator Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert and illustrated by newcomer Tom Garcia. Check out the press release:

As promised, Clive Barker did not only return to the Hellraiser universe, he re-imagined it! Nothing is as simple as it seems – the old ways have been destroyed, and a dangerous new world lies in its wake. Where are Elliott Spencer and Kirsty Cotton? Who will rule and who will serve? Rising star Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor, Hellraiser: The Road Below) joins forces with the legendary Clive Barker, with art by Tom Garcia (Hellraiser), to begin this amazing new chapter in the history of one of horror’s greatest franchises.

“I grew up with Hellraiser and Clive’s novels so it’s a huge, surreal honor to be collaborating with him on The Dark Watch. Under Clive’s direction, the Hellraiser ongoing series has gone in some radically different directions over the last two years. I’m really excited for what’s next — and even more excited that I get to be involved!” said Seifert.

Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #1 ships in February with main covers by Tim Bradstreet (28 Days Later, Star Trek) and Nick Percival (Hellraiser, 2000 AD) as well as incentive covers by Frazer Irving (Higher Earth, Batman Incorporated) and Bradstreet. The first issue is a 32-page, full-color issue that retails for $3.99.

This is the kind of news that excites me!!

Stay Bloody!!!

3 New Horror Comics Coming Our Way this Halloween!!

As if the Halloween season isn’t great enough!!  Now this year besides getting the influx of horror films in theaters and on TV we’re also getting three new horror comics released in stores.  The titles are LOT 13, TRANSFUSION, and BEDLAM (LOT 13 and TRANSFUSION come from the mind of Steve Niles).  Check out the details.

LOT 13:  A terrifying new five-part horror series from the ghoulish minds of Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and artist Glenn Fabry (Preacher). A family making a cross-country move makes a horrifying discovery in an old apartment complex. Can they survive the night?

Publication Date:  October 31, 2012

TRANSFUSION:  In a future overrun by out-of-control machines and monsters, a handful of human survivors try to fight their way back to a normal life. But what is normal in a world where both monsters and machines need human blood? And which are the real bad guys? Find out in this horrific new three-part series by 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles and menton3, the demented artist behind Monocyte.

Publication Date:  October 31, 2012

BEDLAM:  Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, a homicidal maniac and criminal overlord who terrorized the town of Bedlam for years. Then he got better. This is what happens next. A double-sized introduction to a blood-soaked cityscape of murder, mayhem, and mystery by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Thief of Thieves) with art by Riley Rossmo (Rebel Blood, Green Wake) and the cover by Frazer Irving.

Publication Date:  October 31, 2012

Pretty exciting, eh!!

Stay Bloody!!!