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1st Look at Barbie Wilde’s New Horror Film, Blue Eyes

Everyone’s favorite Hellraiser Cenobite, Barbie Wilde has her foot firmly entrenched in the world of horror. Whether it be acting or writing, horror has helped shape her into a recognizable figure in the horror genre. That’s why I’m excited to … Continue reading

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SADAKO VS KAYAKO (2016) … Battle of the Japanese Franchises!!!

Huge thanks to long time reader and frequent contributor, James Saunders. James saw this film the other night and immediately contacted me to tell me he has to write the review. I love James’ writing style, so this was a … Continue reading

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Doctor Deathray’s Sci-Fi Horror Cult Classic Vault

Greetings lab rats! Since today is the Doctor’s first day in his new laboratory, I thought I might start off with an introduction to a new regular feature I’ll be writing for My little vault contains some of my … Continue reading

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The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

Just when I thought the zombie apocalypse movie might be in need of a rest, someone comes along and proves that there’s still undead life in the genre yet. M.R. Carey is a British writer of comic books, novels and … Continue reading

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