Horror and the Human Condition

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In my continued quest to bring you not only the best and most accurate reviews you can find online but also the best articles and essays that examine the horror genre, I’m presenting another article I found online the other day. The article is titled “Horror and the Human Condition” and it explores why we … Continue reading

The Psychology of Horror

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Here’s an article I came across originally published on HeraldScotland.com, titled “The Psychology of Horror.” It’s a great article and thought I’d repost it here so you can all check it out. The article is written by Neil Mackay and the only thing I added were the pictures, I haven’t changed any of the content. —– … Continue reading

Reclaiming Vampires and Werewolves!!

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Over the years, vampires and werewolves have been featured more often as the butt of a joke than the source of screams. And there’s no doubt that a large portion of the blame resides with the Twilight franchise. If Bram Stoker, author of the the original Dracula, could see the new reputation associated with vampires, … Continue reading

The Walking Dead – The Game

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Here’s a bloke we haven’t herd from in a while!! Welcome back James Saunders, and thanks for the review!! “I saw a cop come back from the dead.” – Lee Everett So around the beginning of August I stumbled back home from a particularly heavy night of drunken debauchery, slept as best I could (i.e. … Continue reading

Re-Blogged: 12 Planned Horror Movie Remakes That Haven’t Happened (Yet)


I usually don’t do this but this article was just too damn important. This is a re-blog of an article written by John Squires. It originally appeared on FEARnet.com but it’s such a good summary of several big name horror films and where the status of their remakes are that I decided to re-blog it … Continue reading

Pariah (2010)

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Here’s another book review by Sian. I never heard of this one but it sounds like a winner!! Thanks Sian. —– Zombies, zombies, zombies…… I had never heard of Fingerman before, and happened upon him by chance at the local library. Oh how I love that place, free books and all…but that is a boring … Continue reading

Wolf Creek: Origin (2014)


Thanks for the book review, Sian. I haven’t read this but it sounds like it stays within the world of WOLF CREEK!! —– WARNING: Contains graphic scenes of animal cruelty and bestiality. Oh sweet Jesus, where do I begin? I brought this book for one reason and one reason only, because I loved WOLF CREEK, … Continue reading

The Walking Dead Novel Series

Robert Kirkman with some buddies!!

Thanks for the review, Sian!! I’ve never doubted your love of zombies :-) —– I realize my profile claims I love zombies, but that I am yet to review a single zombie text. I think I should rectify this issue. So: Do you like THE WALKING DEAD? Have you ever wondered exactly why The Governor … Continue reading

An American Werewolf in London: A Look Back at Werewolf Films

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Frequent reader and fan of AnythingHorror.com, Brandon Engel, felt it was time to look back on the classic film, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Being a huge fan of that film myself, who was I to refuse. Enjoy!! —– How fitting that there’s a full moon out tonight! It’s been 32nd years since the U.S. release … Continue reading

Doctor Sleep (2013)

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I have mixed feelings for Mr. King. The first adult book I ever read was TOMMYKNOCKERS, and like a lot of people, I thought he was the bomb when I first came across him. But, eventually, and I am guessing you may just sense a bit of a negative tone here, but eventually I noticed … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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