Trailer Drops for the Soap-Opera Slasher Film Hell Town

Hell Town banner

When a horror project crosses my desk and is being called a “soap-opera slashers film,” that gets my attention!! HELL TOWN is directed by Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear, is written by Balderson, Spear, Michael Page, and Chris Pudlo, and stars Casey Chapman, Krysten Day, Pleasant Gehman, Amanda Deibert, Kyle Eno, Jennifer Grace, Owen Lawless, and Matt Weight. Check out the press release below: FANGORIA premieres … Continue reading

Happy Dreams Daycare: Where Kids Can Be … Evil


No doubt the majority of you have already seen this two and a half minute film titled HAPPY DREAMS DAYCARE. It made the rounds on social media last year. But just in case there’s even one of you who haven’t caught this, I thought I’d post it again. HAPPY DREAMS DAYCARE comes to us from College … Continue reading

Ripe N’ Bloody (2015) & Devil Makes Work (2014)


The horror short film is one of my favorite mediums. The ability to build a story and characters in such a short time takes a skilled hand and having a firm grasp on the filmmaking process. I’ve reviewed endless feature length films that would’ve earned more stars if only the filmmaker decided to do a … Continue reading

Horror Web Series Extinction Event Launching in March, Drops Teaser Trailer

Extinction BANNER

A new horror web-based series, EXTINCTION EVENT is heading our way this March. The series is written and directed by Rob Larkin and stars Regina Chen, Melissa Gratia, John Valley, Holt Boggs, David DeLao, and Michael Maponga. Check out the press release: Extinction Event Dystopian Industries is proud to present: Extinction Event, a new horror web series following a band of survivors forced to navigate … Continue reading

New Horror Short from the Creators of Bloody Cuts


They demented minds who previously gave us the web-based horror series BLOODY CUTS are back. This time they’re bringing us a TWILIGHT ZONE-esque short titled THE OUTER DARKNESS. The short is directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, written by Franklin, Melton, and Joel Morgan, and stars David Blood, Anita Booth, Isla Carter, Anthony Edridge, Tom Geoffrey, and Darren Kent. Check out the press release … Continue reading

Let Me See Your Eyes (2014)

Let Me See banner

Peanut butter and chocolate. Lime juice and cilantro. Christmas morning and snow. These are classic pairings that have proven themselves winners over and over again. To this list I’d add Derek Cole and Stephen Twardokus. Whenever this pair of filmmakers puts out a feature or short film, they never fail to impress. In the world of indie horror, Cole and Twardokus … Continue reading

Patricia Chica to Screen Serpent’s Lullaby at the Horror Happens Film Showcase

Serpent's Lullaby banner

The news for Women in Horror month keeps rolling in!! This time Patricia Chica is up and will be screening her haunting film, SERPENT’S LULLABY at this year’s Horror Happens Film Showcase. Check out the press release for info on the screening and a plot crunch for the film: Horror Happens Productions present “SERPENT’S LULLABY” … Continue reading

Patricia Chica Directs Morbid Segment for Massive Blood Drive PSA

WiHM banner

I’m a little against having a “Women in Horror” month. There’s so many talented women both behind and in front of the camera in the horror genre that all the various talent should be celebrated twelve months a year. Leaving my qualms aside, here’s a bit of good news. Award-winning director and filmmaker (she’s done … Continue reading

Official Poster Drops for Upcoming Anthology Film XX

XX banner

Here’s a project that’s at the top of my “Must See” list. XX is an all-female driven horror anthology that features films from some of the most talented women working in horror today. No details are known about the individual films yet, as many are either still shooting or are still in pre-production, but this … Continue reading

Laurence Harvey & Tristan Risk to Star in Andy Stewart’s Redacted

Redacted banner

I can’t tell ya how excited I am to write this!! There’s so much awesomeness in the title of this posting that I don’t know where to begin. Oh yeah I do … Andy Stewart!! Stewart, The Mad Scotsman, owned 2014. He wrote, directed, and released two amazing short films in 2014. SPLIT and INK, as … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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