Anything Horror Scott’s Best Horror Shorts of 2015

A lot of short horror films get released over the course of a year. I know I don’t see every single one of them, but I do watch my fair share of horror shorts. I think the short film is a perfect medium for horror filmmakers to show off their chops and to get audiences excited over their work. With that being said, below are ten fantastic shorts that deserve your attention. Where able, I included the short in its entirety.

shorts heir

HEIR (2015)

Easily the best horror short I saw in 2015. HEIR comes to us from Fatal Pictures, the same crew that brought us WORM and FAMILIAR. HEIR, though, goes further then the two shorts before it, and delves into some truly depraved and disturbing territory. Starring Robert Nolan, who starred in all three shorts from Fatal Pictures, HEIR is a story that takes the idea of anyone who abuses a child as being a monster to the next level. As writer-director Richard Powell explains:

HEIR suggests that victimization through sexual abuse leads to mutation of the psyche, soul and in our film, flesh itself.

HEIR is a brilliant short film that will get under your skin and have you thinking about it for weeks on end.

short seiren1

SEIREN (2015)

This is one of the shorts from the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. I just watched all the films in this years fest, and SEIREN is definitely a stand out. A model is doing a shoot on the beach when the photographer asks her to step into the water. She does and is promptly bitten by something. In the days that follow, the model notices dramatic changes in her eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. This is a familiar set-up that is executed brilliantly by writer-director Kat Threlkeld (who is one of four female directors to make this list). Stylish, creepy, and just plain old scary, SEIREN is brilliant. Check out the teaser trailer:

short let me see


Another fantastic short film from the team of director Derek Cole and actor Stephen Twardokus!! LET ME SEE YOUR EYES explores a post-apocalyptic world where murderous mutants roam the world bent on eliminating what is left of the human race. The only way to make sure someone isn’t infected is to check their eyes. Written by Jack Nathan Harding, who also stars along side Twardokus, this short keeps you on your toes and throws some pretty fun punches at you along the way. Derek Cole has made several feature films and they are all beautifully made. But I think Cole has mastered the short film and can convey a lot in just a little bit of time. Check out the teaser trailer:

shorts ripe


Here’s a fun, gory, lighthearted short film by director Patricia Chica. This is a short film set during Halloween that will have you grinning from ear to ear when it is over. Great acting and great effects stand out in this tale of “do unto others as you’d have others do unto you.” That’s all I’m saying about this one.

short gigante


A super crazy fun, gory short film that mashes up a few different sub-genres into one great short film. With elements of torture porn, Mexican wrestling, and the crazy-isolated-family tropes, EL GIGANTE takes some twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Directed by Luke Bramley and Gigi Saul Guerrero, EL GIGANTE is just about as fun and bloody as they come.



The second short from the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival, KURAYAMI NO WA is a rather batshit-crazy short film made by–get this–fifteen year old director and co-writer Morgana McKenzie. In it, a Japanese doomsday cult hands out tainted candy on Halloween which turns the population into murderous zombies. The plague spreads and the survivors are forced out into the harsh Canadian wilderness. The acting by the young cast is fantastic, and McKenzie tells the story in such a way that Tarantino himself could learn a trick or two. This is a fantastically fun and crazy short.

short slit

SLIT (2015)

Miss the good old days of the Italian giallo film? Then SLIT will be right up your alley. The short is about two women who leave a bar and are killed in their apartment by a masked killer. Sounds simple enough, right? Sure, but director Colin Clarke amps up the style and tension to steroid-like levels. The colors in the film and the killer himself (or is it “herself”?) will have you watching this one over and again a few times. I love this short. Here’s the short in its entirety:

short hosten

HOSTEN (aka HARVEST) (2015)

I watched this short film recently and haven’t had the time to review it yet. In it, a washed up doctor works for an illegal organ harvesting operation, and when he is unable to deliver on a recent order, he trolls an online vampire fetish site to find someone who fits the bill. The cold, sterile feel of the film is perfectly reflected by the surroundings and landscape of Denmark (where it was filmed). Directors Martin Sonntag and Kim Sønderholm manage to make the viewer feel for the burned out doctor (also Kim Sønderholm), while at the same time making you root for the victim. A fun short with a nice, TWILIGHT ZONE-esque twist.

short first night1


Not only can writer-director Marc Fratto, deliver on feature films, but the man also kicks some ass in short films as well. Fratto made my Best of list of 2015 with his film HELL FIRE, and this short film–which comes in just a little over five minutes long–also manages to entertain the hell outta ya!! In it, actress Katelyn Marie Marshall, who is pretty much in one room the entire time, starts to hear odd sounds in her new house. This ghost short is effective and made the hair on my neck and arms stand up on end. FIRST NIGHT IN THE NEW HOUSE proves you don’t need a lot of money or a lengthy run time to create a chilling, effective story. Here’s the short film in its entirety:

short return65657

RETURN (2015)

The third short from the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival to make this list. This tells the story of a young couple who moves into a new house and their mistake of befriending the next door neighbors. This was one of the longer shorts in the BITS festival, and director Jon Hyatt used his time well. By establishing likable characters, a creepy atmosphere, and a strange, deadly mythos, Hyatt delivers the goods and keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

What were your favorite shorts that you watched in 2015? Sound off below in the comments section.

Stay Bloody in 2016!!!

Horror Short, Selfie From Hell, To Become a Feature Length Film

There’s no doubt that the short film, SELFIE FROM HELL, has taken the internet by storm. As of the writing of this article, the short, not even two minute film has 14,709,920 views and is climbing. IndustryWorks Studios has acquired the rights and is going to make a feature length film out of the short. Check out the press release below as well as the original short film. Fun stuff!!


That’s right, over 14 million hits and counting for the short film phenom ‘SELFIE FROM HELL’ now at home as a feature film with IndustryWorks Studios.

Vancouver, Los Angeles – From the producers of the cult horror ‘American Mary’, and the newly released thriller ‘WRECKER’, IndustryWorks Studios has acquired the rights to the most inspiring and impressive short film to hit the web in recent history. The incredible tense footage that took over Youtube focuses on a selfie-snapping girl who notices a looming figure that appears behind her in the photos, and is subsequently attacked by what turns out to be a horrifying entity.

‘Selfie From Hell’ was created by Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan, two student filmmakers from Cologne, Germany. Meelah made the short film and also starred in it as part of her bachelor’s thesis on the effects of viral videos, one that is likely to score her high marks. Along with author/director Erdal Ceylan, they released the short on YouTube and it took the internet by storm and became viral. Now it’s time for the feature film.

“For many years we have dreamed of making a full-length movie. With ‘Selfie From Hell’ this dream has now become a reality. We are very glad having found IndustryWorks to help make that happen and we very much look forward to working together.” – Meelah Adams, Erdal Ceylan, Filmmakers, “Selfie From Hell”.


“We saw what IndustryWorks did with American Mary and can’t be more thrilled to be working with them on this project.” – Erdal Ceylan, Director and co-creator, “Selfie From Hell”. 

“We are excited to be involved in this internet sensation and proud to continue supporting new and up coming filmmakers.” says Evan Tylor CEO of IndustryWorks

About IndustryWorks Pictures/Studios – Canada, International

IndustryWorks is a fully integrated Distribution, Production, Finance and New Media, worldwide content provider. IndustryWorks sets itself apart by having a keen sense of recognizing the potential in projects for distribution and is dedicated to releasing unique and marketable content to the world market place. The Company has several in-house projects in development and acquires films from producers around the world. IndustryWorks distributes its content to through all media outlets, including box office, VOD, SVOD, broadcast, airlines, internet and digital platforms, retail and rental outlets.


Here’s the short.

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Night of the Slasher Short Competes for OSCAR® Eligibility

The horror short, NIGHT OF TH SLASHER, has been making some very big waves and catching the attention f some pretty big names during its festival run. NIGHT OF THE SLASHER is written and directed by Shant Hamassian and stars Lily Berlina, Scott JavoreAdam Lesar, David Swann, and Eve Constance. Check out the press release below for the plot crunch, the trailer, and for more information about this short:

Night of the Slasher1


Horror Short Film Night of the Slasher Competes For OSCAR® Eligibility

(Hollywood, CA) – November 2nd, 2015 – Multi award-winning short film, Night of the Slasher, written and directed by Shant Hamassian, competes for Best Narrative Short at two Oscar® qualifying festivals; the St. Louis International Film Festival in Missouri, USA and the Foyle Film Festival in Ireland. If it wins, it becomes eligible for an Oscar® nomination.

Henry Selick (Director of Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline) saw the film at the Telluride Horror Show and said, “I really loved ‘Night of the Slasher’! It’s smart, clever, and funny!”

Night of the Slasher is a ‘shot-in-one-take’ film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge.

Night of the Slasher poster

“I wanted to write a slasher film where on the surface, it is a self-referential genre film, however there is a deeper meaning behind everything we see and how we are all connected to this genre as a culture. I chose to write this film on a deep and personal level because I personally had to deal with a traumatic moment in my life. Making this film was an exploration on how to cope with those painful memories and to tell a story on how to not let the past control our lives. In the end, a great slasher film reflects the killer as a state of mind.”, explains director Shant Hamassian.

After its successful world premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea, this highly stylized short has been programmed at 91 film festivals including the prestigious Screamfest (Los Angeles) and Frightfest (London). The short has been nominated for 28 awards and has won 15 including Best Short,  Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.

Night of the Slasher2

Starring Lily Berlina (the Slasher girl), Scott Javore (the Bait), and Adam Lesar (the Killer), Night of the Slasher is written and directed by Shant Hamassian, produced by Adam LesarEve Constance, and Shant Hamassian. Cinematography by Eli Tahan, Visual FX by Alessandro Schiassi & Michaelangelo Frisoni, and Music by Simon Michel.

Shant Hamassian (@ShantHamassian) grew up in the rolling hills of Calabasas, California and attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has directed several music videos, comedic sketches as well various shorts that have won awards and played internationally in the film festival circuit. Shant is currently working with NBA Champion and former Laker, Rick Fox on a web series titled, Herman the Monkey. Night of the Slasher is a “proof-of-concept” based on one of many feature screenplays he has written, including Neville which made the 2011 Bloodlist.

# # #

For more info on NIGHT OF THE SLASHER, be sure to follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and can keep up to date on the awards the film has won as well as its tour calendar by check out the official website. For now, check out the trailer:

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Check out First Night in the New House in its Entirety, Right Here


First Night2

The new short by filmmaker Marc Fratto, FIRST NIGHT IN THE HEW HOUSE is available to check out in its entirety, right here. The short, which runs about five minutes, is simplicity in itself. There is one main actress, Katelyn Marie Marshall, in essentially one room the entire time (she does venture into another location briefly). This ghost short is effective and gave me quite the chill upon its completion. If Marc Fratto’s name seems familiar, you might remember him from my review of his feature film, HELL FIRE, one of my favorite films I saw this year. For now, enjoy FIRST NIGHT IN THE HEW HOUSE and ring in Halloween with this creepy short film. Sound off in the comments section below and let me know what you think of it.

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Need a Halloween Date? Try Zombie Girlfriend!!

Here’s a fun little short film from indie filmmaker, Jason Horton. The short is called ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Interview with Horror Filmmaker Jill Sixx Gevargizian

Interview Call Girl

From her first horror short CALL GIRL, to POLICE BRUTALITY and indie Kickstarter short THE STYLIST, Jill Sixx Gevargizian is killing it in horror and has become one of the front running faces of female horror directors. So I was excited to have the opportunity to catch up with horror director Gevargizian. We had a chance to discuss her new horror film short, GRAMMY, which will be debuting at Spooky Empire in Orlando this year, as well as giving us an update on THE STYLIST and she also lets us in on how much really goes into bringing a horror short to the screen. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the horror goodness of Jill Sixx Gevargizian.

filmmaker Jill Sixx Gevargizian
filmmaker Jill Sixx Gevargizian

EvilQueenB: Congrats on the success of all of your short films! How do you balance the cons, screenings, filming and being a hairstylist?

Jill Sixx Gevargizian: Thank you! I’m not sure how I balance it honestly. I do hair full-time and spend almost all my free-time on filmmaking stuff. That is my only means for making a living–movies only cost me money! Every part of filmmaking costs–making it, submitting it to festivals, traveling to those festivals. It’s a never-ending money sucker.

Evil: THE STYLIST, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter is being completed, can you tell us about that and when we will be seeing it?

Interview Stylist

Jill: To be frank, our Kickstarter only funded 1/3 of that project. Another third came from a private investor and the rest from myself. I produced the film with director of photography Robert Patrick Stern and production designer Sarah Sharp. Thanks to their talent and experience I think we created something really special. We will soon start submitting to film festivals and hope to premiere somewhere exciting in the Spring. Najarra Townsend (CONTRACTED) stars in the film as Claire; a hairstylist obsessed with the notion of perfection. She was a true pleasure to work with and her performance brought this character to life in way I could have only dreamed. THE STYLIST is a very emotional film, which is a first for me. I have never felt so connected to something I’ve made and I want to continue to feel that way about my work.

Evil: How much pre-production goes into bringing a short film to the screen?

Jill: I, personally, spend a shit load of time in pre-production. Everyone is different. On THE STYLIST I spent 4-5 months on prepro and I think it shows. The less you prepare, the sloppier the final product is. Prepping is my thing and most important in filmmaking- or anything really!  It also depends on the project–THE STYLIST I knew was the film I wanted to change the game for me, so I hired an all-pro crew and spent a lot of time preparing with them. That film is 15 minutes long. And to give you an idea how long the entire process takes–we shot it in February and we’re just now doing the final assembly. That 8 months of post-production! It’s taken me over a year to complete THE STYLIST. It takes a lot of focus and passion to finish a film. It’s full of up and downs, but you just have to keep going. In comparison, GRAMMY is only 2 minutes long and it took only 2.5 months to complete from beginning to end.

Evil: Now that you have tackled short films will a full length horror film be in your future?

Interview Gammy

Jill: People ask this so often–it’s a matter of opportunity and money. I would LOVE to make a feature-length! It takes so much money just to make a short and it’s very hard to find the money. I just can’t see how one would find enough to make a feature, without a big company behind them forking out the money. One day, I hope!

Evil: Tell us about your newest short film, GRAMMY which will be screened at Spooky Empire.

Jill: GRAMMY is a micro short that I made for Crypt TV–which is a online distributor of horror content owned by Eli Roth. It should premiere on their platforms later this year. So, I thought I’d try to get it into a few festivals prior. I wrote GRAMMY with my good friend Jill Towerman and it was inspired by the pressure society places on women to wear makeup. The short itself is fun and bit silly. I can’t say too much without spoiling the film. It’s about a little girl (Hala Finley) who wakes up from an overnight at grandma’s house to discover there’s more to Grammy (Marilyn Hall) than meets the eye. I doubt people will pick up on my political subtext, but it’s there! HA!

Interview Jill1

Evil: So far, what has been one of your best moments working in the horror genre?

Jill: I’d have to say it was seeing my first film, CALL GIRL, adapted into a comic by Japanese artist Daiju Kurabayashi and producer Hiro Fujii. Not only is the the most flattering thing that can happen as an artist–to inspire more art–but it’s better than my film! And anyone can download it for free–in English or Japanese–here:

Evil: What’s your next project?

Jill: I do not have another project slated as of now. I will be focusing on submitting THE STYLIST to festivals all over the world and writing. Next year I plan to travel a lot with THE STYLIST. I think that is an important to enjoy all the work you put in. I also find that my work has a much bigger effect on people if I am at the screenings. Rather than just finishing a film, putting it out and moving onto a new project. It shows a whole other level of dedication. But I hope to be working on something new soon and am open to any possibilities! I would really love to work with Robert Patrick Stern and Sarah Sharp again.


Stay Bloody!!!

All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2015)

I just finished posting my review of TALES OF HALLOWEEN, and no sooner did it post than I’m writing a review for yet another Halloween anthology film, ALL HALLOW’S EVE 2. This is an anthology made up of eight short films by eight different filmmakers, each about a particular aspect of Halloween. There is a superfluous wraparound story that has no payoff (we’ll get to that), but the individual stories here are pretty interesting.

That was one pissed off pumpkin!!
That was one pissed off pumpkin!!

Ignoring the opening wraparound story for the time being, the anthology has a damn strong opening with the two short films, “Jack Attack” and “The Last Halloween.” “Jack Attack” (written and directed by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan) is the story of a pumpkin who doesn’t much like being turned into a Jack-o-Lantern, so it exacts some gory revenge on its attackers. “Jack Attack” is an effective short that I actually had the privilege of seeing a couple years ago. At a tight eight-minute runtime, there is no filler here. Elizabeth (Helen Rogers) is babysitting Jack (Tyler Rossell). It is Halloween and Liz curves a pumpkin and roasts the seeds for them to enjoy–except the pumpkin is pissed. What begins as a sentimental, sweet short ends in a gross display of gore and revenge. I love “Jack Attack.”

"Alexia" watched too much RINGU!!
“Alexia” watched too much RINGU!!

“The Last Halloween” is a great follow up to the first story and really kept the ball rolling. In this story (directed by Marc Roussel, written by Roussel and Mark Thibodeau–which is based on Thibodeau’s comic book), we join a few “kids” as they go out trick or treating on Halloween night. Immediately the viewer realizes that something isn’t right as the landscape looks like a war zone. Soon it becomes apparent that the trick or treaters are more interested in doling out tricks than getting treats. This is another short and sweet story that moves quickly and has some great makeup effects. This is one neighborhood you want to stary away from!! This is also the one short in this anthology that I really wanted to see as a feature length film.

All Hallows Eve2 Last Halloween2

Just like in TALES OF HALLOWEEN, there were no stories that I out and out didn’t like. All the entry’s were fun and well made. I was a little disappointed with the short, “Descent” (written and directed by Jay Holben and Christopher Probst). The story was lifted right from an old Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show. In it, Vanessa (Renee Intlekofer) witnesses a murder. When after a case of bad luck she is stranded in an elevator with the man who committed the murder, she decides to go on the offensive. But there’s just one problem. You’re going to have to see what happens (no spoilers here). But the “twist”–if you want to call it that–was lifted straight from an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. But on the positive side, the acting and cinematography were fantastic. I was just disappointed by the originality.

All Hallows Eve2 Masocist1

The other two that I enjoyed the most are “Mr. Tricker’s Treat” (directed by Mike Kochansky and written by Kochansky and Mark Byers), where a girl (Carrie Seim) finds out the hard way what makes Mr. Tricker’s (Michael Serrato) Halloween decorations look so life-like, and “Alexia” (directed and written by Andreas Borghi), one of the stories not connected to the Halloween theme. In “Alexia,” a guy’s girlfriend who killed herself still haunts him through the computer and social media. “Alexia” is downright scary and is a very effective ghost story with elements of RINGU in it. “Alexia” was breathtaking to look at and we get some fantastic and unique camera angles and colors.

All Hallows Eve2 Offering1

Think of ALL HALLOW’S EVE 2 as the poorer cousin of TALES OF HALLOWEEN. I still haven’t discussed the wraparound story because it really isn’t worth it. It felt tagged on, like they forgot they needed one and quickly threw something together. But the eight short films here will entertain you and will put a smile on your face this Halloween season. Check this one out.

My Summary:

Directors: Jesse Baget, Elias Benavidez, Andrés Borghi, Jay Holben, Mike Kochansky, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik, Bryan Norton, Antonio Padovan, Ryan Patch, and Marc Roussel

Plot: 3.5 out of 5 stars for the entire anthology

Gore: 5 out of 10 skulls for the entire anthology

Zombie Mayhem: 0 out of 5 brains for the entire anthology

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer

Stay Bloody!!!

All Hallows Eve2 poster

16 Gory Death Scenes (and One Honorable Mention)

I always get nostalgic around Halloween time and think about all the fantastic, gory genre films I’ve seen over the course of my 40 years.  Well this year is no different except that I started thinking about the GREATEST death scenes I’ve seen.  My mind was flooded with thousands of grotesque and disturbing images (I should really see someone about that).  So after I sorted through what I consider the best of the best, I compiled my list.  Whenever possible I posted a video of said death scene, but for some I had to settle for pictures.  In some cases (like the MASKHEAD entry below) you’ll see that I couldn’t find either the video or the pic of the scene.  Why?  Because it’s so fucked up and disturbing that no one dares put it up on the internet!!

Enjoy the list (these are in no particular order), and I wanna hear what you favorite horror death scenes are.

Stay Bloody!!!

1.  Intestinal Vomit Scene (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD)

You’re guaranteed one thing in every Fulci horror flick:  There’s at least 3-4 extremely violent death scenes.  After thinking about all his great offerings I settled on this one.  From the 1st time I saw this scene it was burned in my mind forever.  Viva l’ Fulci!!

2.  Lawn Mower Scene (DEAD ALIVE)

Again; tons of great death scenes in this flick.  But when Lionel Cosgrove picks up the running lawn mower and hacks his way through the crowd of zombies, well I didn’t know whether to be horrified or laugh my ass off.  So I did both.

3.  Bed Puree Scene (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, 1984)

Not just one of my favorite death scenes, but the best death scene in any ELM STREET flick.  When ole Johnny Depp closes his eyes I bet he never knew what awaited him!!

4.  Silver Sphere Chops Up Priest (PHANTASM 2)

Another great flick that has a high solid body count, great story, and great gore.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen some version of the silver sphere on late night TV that can do everything from crush ice to make salsa (sorry for the watermark right in the middle of the following video).

5.  Helicopter Haircut (DAWN OF THE DEAD, 1978)

Lots of great gore in the original DAWN, but the zombie standing on the boxes getting the top of his head sliced off is just a classic.

6.  Captain Rhodes Torn Apart (DAY OF THE DEAD, 1985)

Let’s face it; Captain Rhodes is not a nice man.  Ok, ok; he’s a fucking prick asshole and we all know what happens to the “prick asshole” in zombie films … they die horribly.  Well Rhodes is no exception.  But even in death this douche bag needs to get the final words in (“Choke on ‘em”).  He died as he lived … a total asshole.

7.  Death by 2×4 Strap-On Dildo (MASKHEAD)

If you don’t understand what this scene is about, then break down the above title.  A woman dies by getting railed with a strap-on made out of a 2×4 wooden board.  As you’ll notice I couldn’t find a video or picture of the death scene.  That’s probably a good thing.  No one needs to see that (except me of course).

You’re better off not seeing the actual picture here; trust me!!

8.  Sissors Scene (INSIDE)

Possibly the most intense, brutal, never-lets-up horror film in that last 2 decades!!  The blood starts flowing almost from the 1st frame and doesn’t let up until Le Femme gets what she wants …. by using a pair of scissors.  And I’m sure you all know what she’s after.  Again I couldn’t find a picture or video showing this event.  Go buy this very important and amazing horror flick if you haven’t already.

Le Femme is 1 crazy bitch who gets what she wants!!

9.  Opening Beach and Hospital Scene (DEAD & BURIED)

Not only does this have a great twist at the end that works; not only does this have Robert Englund in it; not only does this have a ton of graphic death scenes in it … but it have a particularly nasty opening scene where a visitor comes to Plotter’s Bluff.  He meets a sexy lil vixen on the beach and then gets the stuffing beat out of him and beat with crowbars and shovels.  THEN he’s tied up, dosed in gasoline, and then lit on fire.  But the poor bastard lives only to have burns on like 98% of his body.  And guess who his nurse is in the hospital?  Yup; the vixen from the beach.  Here’s looking at you kid.

10.  Human Beef Jerky Scene (TRAILER PARK OF TERROR)

This was a really fun horror flick with great makeup and special f/x, a great story, and a great overall feel.  Then suddenly we get to this scene where one of the locals demonstrates how he makes beef jerky … using another human being.  The scene was way more brutal and nasty and disturbing than anything else in the flick, and that’s why it’s stuck in my head and made this list.  Sorry no video, but see this flick; it’s worth your time.

11.  Wire Tether (Ghost Ship)

I know, I know.  What the fuck is this flick doing on my list?  Now come on; we all know the movie as a whole really fucking blows … I mean it sucks out loud.  Its so shitty that I’m surprised Janeane Garofalo wasn’t in it!!  But let’s face it; the scene with the wire cutting through a crowded dance floor was worth sitting through this steaming pile (and let’s not forget about the implied forced pedophilia).  It’s a shame the rest of the movie didn’t keep up the energy from this scene.

12.  Splinter in the Eye (ZOMBI)

I don’t think this scene needs any explanation.  This is Fulci’s 2nd showing on this list and we all know why!!

13.  Blood Pressure Test Scene (DAWN OF THE DEAD, 1978)

Perhaps the dumbest death scene on this list but I absolutely love it.  In the midst of a horde of flesh eating, hungry zombies attacking, Pedro decides to sit down and check his blood pressure.  It’s so random and ridiculous that this scene has always stuck in my mind.  If you wanna fast forward, the “blood pressure test” starts at the 2:47 mark on this clip.

14.  Head Exploding Scene (SCANNERS)

Again; I’m sure this one needs no introduction.  Enjoy.

15.  Open Wide Scene (HATCHET)

When I first saw this scene (hell, the entire movie) my jaw dropped and I knew immediately that I had found a modern day classic and a huge genre talent in Adam Green.  Aahhh Victor Crowley … may your blood lust never die down.

16.  Cheeky Face-Off Scene (LAID TO REST)

This is another modern day classic film that spawned another huge genre talent (Robert Hall).  Lots of great gory death scenes, but this one is my favorite from this flick, and one of my all time favs PERIOD.


This, as you all know, is my favorite horror film from the past 20 years.  Easily.  The scene where Anna is strapped into the contraption and flipped over is just a brutal scene.  We’re still not sure what’s gonna happen.  Then the guy sticks the knife into her and we see her gasp in pain.  We watch as he slices up her back.  The look on Anna’s face is one of both pure pain and shock from that pain.  Mercifully the scene fades.

I get chills just looking at this picture!!
I get chills just looking at this picture!!

This gets a “special mention” because Anna, even after being skinned alive, DOESN’T FUCKING DIE.  That’s right; she lives after BEING SKINNED ALIVE.  Oh my fucking god.  And because this list is about the greatest DEATH scenes, Anna doesn’t technically qualify.  Below is a montage of gore scenes from MARTYRS.  If you wanna skip to the “skinned alive” scene, go to the 6:48 mark.

Extra Bonus:  DAY OF THE DEAD Outtake:

I don’t remember this scene happening exactly like this!!

Watch Let Me See Your Eyes in its Entirety

Let Me See Your Eyes posterOne of my favorite short films I watched this year, LET ME SEE YOUR EYES, which has had a very successful festival run, is now available to watch in its entirety. Directed by Anything Horror fav, Derek Cole, written by Jack Nathan Harding, and starring Harding and Stephen Twardokus, LET ME SEE YOUR EYES is one of those short films that leaves an impression (see my review here). Check out the plot summary below followed by the short film in its entirety. Let me know what you think in the comments below:

It’s ‘every man for himself’ in this post-apocalyptic world, where a biological mistake has turned most of the population into animalistic eating machines. And that’s just fine with R.J. As a matter of fact, this proud hermit has adapted well to the new world order. He’s even got heat, food, and a rare clean water source. For three years, R.J. has contentedly spent his days in a dark, cramped, and heavily barricaded room, drinking tea and reading paperback westerns by candlelight. One night R.J.’s routine is disrupted when he warily lets in a desperate young stranger. He soon realizes the person he let in may be more dangerous that anything he’s been trying to keep out.

Stay Bloody!!!

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Watch Under the Dark Wing Right Here

One of my favorite indie horror filmmakers, Christopher Di Nunzio, is making his most recent horror short available for free online. The short film, UNDER THE DARK WING, clocks in around fifteen minutes and is a visually lyrical short film about confronting the unknown. The short is directed by Di Nunzio, is co-written by Di Nunzio and Pedro Alvarado, and stars Jessy RoweDavid GrazianoFiore Leo, and Keith Bennett. Check out the plot crunch and then watch the short, in its entirety, below.

Under the Dark Wing poster

Johnny Boy goes on a routine job, things go awry when he meets a vulnerable young girl. His boss George sees her as a money making opportunity. Neither one has a clue of the deep dark secret that lays within the girl. Once revealed it will change the lives of these thugs forever.

Leave me and filmmaker Di Nunzio your thoughts in the comments section below.

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