Watch the Creature Short Tallyho Right Here

Tailypo banner

Indie horror filmmaker Cameron McCasland is back with another film, this time about the legend of a creature who lives in the Appalachians. TAILYPO is written and directed by McCasland and stars David Chattam, Ranger, Joseph Aguon Drake, and Danielle Gelehrter. Red Headed Revolution Unleashes a Tale of a Tail in Creepy Tailypo Short The Appalachian cryptozoology folk tale of “The Tailypo” has been brought … Continue reading

Award Winning Adaptation of Lovecraft’s THE CURSE OF YIG Now Available Online for Free

Yig banner

After a long wait, the award winning H.P. Lovecraft short film, THE CURSE OF YIG, adapted from the play by Tim Uren, is now available online for free. Originally a stage play written by Tim Uren, THE CURSE OF YIG is one of Lovecraft’s most underrepresented and under appreciated stories. The short film played at the … Continue reading

Get Ready for the 1st Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival

popcorn banner

South Florida may have a lot of things, but something they don’t have is a horror film festival … that is until now!! On October 1-4, 2015, the Landmark O Cinema Wynwood in Florida will play host to the 1st Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival. Over four nights, Popcorn Frights will feature Florida Premieres of TALES … Continue reading

Don’t Disregard These Chain Letters or Else Charlie Will Get You!! Watch it Here!!

Charlie banner2

Have you heard of CHARLIE? I bet once you have you won’t soon forget him!! CHARLIE is a short film made by Mordue Pictures and released on YouTube. Written and directed by Luke Mordue, CHARLIE is about a guy who is stalked and threatened by an unknown presence after reading and ignoring a chain letter. The short film, that clocks … Continue reading

Watch the Short Lovecraftian-Inspired Film, Thresher

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As a young, impressionable kid, the two writers that introduced me to the written world of horror were Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Recently my passion for all things Lovecraft has been re-sparked (one of my upcoming novels will be heavy on the Lovecraftian themes) and I’ve been keeping an eye out for any … Continue reading

Fantasia Film Festival to Screen Patricia Chica’s, A Tricky Treat

A Tricky Treat banner

You lucky bastards up in Canada are getting the chance to see Patricia Chica’s short film, A TRICKY TREAT, up on the big screen. I watched and reviewed this film this past February (when it was titled RIPE N’ BLOODY), and really loved the fun atmosphere and amount of gore. So if you’re up in Montreal, … Continue reading

Watch The Horrors of Autocorrect Online For Free

Autocorrect banner

What happens when an old-school slasher meets a tech-savvy teen? Luckily you can see for yourself below. The short film, THE HORRORS OF AUTOCORRECT, is now available to watch for free online at Eli Roth’s Crypt TV. The short is written and directed by Alex DiVincenzo and stars Anything Horror favorite Nick Principe and Jaquelyn Fabian. Check out the plot crunch: … Continue reading

Teaser Drops for Last of the Manson Girls

Manson Girls banner

One of my favorite indie horror filmmakers Lonnie Martin dropped me an email earlier today announcing that a new teaser has dropped for a project he’s working on. The project is a ten-part web series titled, THE LAST OF THE MANSON GIRLS. This is based on Paul Krassner’s essay, “My Acid Trip with Squeaky Fromme.” Martin … Continue reading

Heir (2015)

Heir banner

Wow. I’m actually speechless after watching the short film, HEIR. This is the third short in the “Box Cutter Trilogy.” The trilogy, which is written and directed by Richard Powell, begins with WORM in 2010 and continues with FAMILIAR in 2012. WORM examines the seemingly meek and mild-mannered life of Geoffrey Dodd (Robert Nolan), a high school teacher. … Continue reading

El Gigante (2015) & Slit (2015)

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Horror shorts don’t get much more fun than EL GIGANTE. This short film, which clocked in just under fourteen minutes, took the fun of the masked Mexican wrestling genre and threw in some torture porn and gore. I know, right!! In EL GIGANTE, Armando (Edwin Perez) only had enough money to pay a smuggler to get his wife … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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