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RIP Lost Boys Actor, Brooke McCarter

Brooke McCarter may not be the most recognizable name in the horror genre, but fans of THE LOST BOYS know exactly who this actor is. McCarter played Paul, one of the vampires of that iconic 1987 film, alongside the fantastic … Continue reading

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Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

We lost a horror icon this week. That term gets bandied about far too easily, with many actors, actresses and filmmakers obtaining that title from hyperbolic publicity agents and journalists. But no one could possibly say that Lee didn’t deserve … Continue reading

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SyFy movies are their own art form. Think of them like Kabuki, but populated with fat has-beens, shitty CGI and loopy as fuck premises (Like the days of 50s Monster Movies that made the posters before the films, SyFy must … Continue reading

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