Interview with Author Eric S. Brown

Eric S Brown banner

Today I have a special treat for you as well as myself. Eric S. Brown is one of my favorite writers on the genre scene today. The only reason you don’t see more reviews of his books is because my reviews were getting too repetitive!! How many different ways can you write that an author’s … Continue reading

Girls & Corpses Magazine Interviews Laurence R. Harvey … on the Toilet!!


Laurence R. Harvey, the star of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, was recently interviewed by Corpsy of Girls and Corpses Magazine … and the interview took place on the toilet!!  Check out the press release and the complete interview below: Girls and Corpses Magazine and EmmReport bring you one of the most harrowing interviews of the … Continue reading

The Undead Teds

undead teds banner

Are you a horror fan (and if not, why are you here?) and you want that extra special gift for that extra special person, but you’re of the opinion that the Hallmark people can go kiss the fattest part of your ass before you dish out any money for a stupid card? Well then the … Continue reading

Interview: Horror Icon Barbara Crampton

Barbara behind the scenes getting ready for her famous scene.

I really don’t think I need to introduce the subject of this interview.  Any horror fan worth their salt knows Barbara Crampton and the important contribution she’s giving to the genre.  Beginning her career in 1983 on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, her talent and drop-dead gorgeous looks landed her in her first feature length film, … Continue reading

Horror Interview: III Slices of Life Writer-Director Anthony G. Sumner

Sumner & Anything Horror fav Deneen Melody on the set of III SLICES OF LIFE.

I’m excited people!!  In 2010 my theory that the future of the horror genre lies with indie horror filmmakers was proven.  I saw some truly amazing GENRE films like DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, SHELLTER, and SELLA TURCICA.  But as you know by now my two favorite genre films of 2010 were VINDICATION and III … Continue reading

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011: Interview with Lucky McKee, “Cinematic Transvestite”

Lucky McKee Sean Bridgers Carlee Baker

By now you might be sick of me talking about writer-director Lucky McKee.  If you are, tough shit!!  I feel like I discovered this huge talent and he’s been right under my nose the entire time.  I was lucky enough (seriously, no pun intended) to catch the screening of McKee’s THE WOMAN (see my review … Continue reading

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011: Day 2 — Press Conference with Sid Haig

Sid Haig

Day 2 (Friday) proved to be a pretty hectic day!!  In all there were press conferences with many of the celebrities, it was the first day the convention floor was open, and there were a few screeners going on.  But the coolest thing that occurred on Day Two was the Red Carpet Affair where all … Continue reading

Horror Interview: Indie Actor Dan Ellis


Been a while since I posted an interview, but after you read this one you’ll realize it was worth the wait!!  DAN ELLIS should be no stranger to horror fans and fans of  Dan Ellis is a staple in the over-the-top horror films of indie filmmaker Ryan Nicholson.  Dan’s starred in Nicholson’s GUTTERBALLS (2008), … Continue reading

Indie Horror Interview: The Passion Project: Hardcore Indie

Oklahoma Ward, David P. Baker, & Nicole Alonso (l-r)

Tonight I have yet another special treat for you all.  Sezin Koehler, who you’ll remember wrote that kick ass article on Jason Voorhees (here), scored a great interview with some huge talent on the indie scene.  She interviewed Oklahoma Ward, Nicole Alonso, and David Baker who together are undertaking an independent film venture first.  I … Continue reading

Horror Interview: Indie Horror Filmmaker Dan Donley

Donley seeing how far he can push the envelop.

Hey everyone.  I hope you’re all having a great holiday season.  I’m especially excited today (Friday, Dec 17th 2010) because after work today I’m off for 2 weeks.  Can’t tell you the last time I had this much time off!!  I’m also excited because I have another great interview with another indie horror filmmaker.  This … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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