The Maniac Cop Trilogy


Actor Robert Z’Dar died on Monday, March 30 2015, age 64, of a cardiac arrest in Pensacola, Florida, while attending a local comic convention. In his time he had been a football player, Chippendale dancer, Chicago cop, but most certainly the jut-jawed giant (the result of a medical condition called cherubism) was known for his … Continue reading

From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond banner

In my quest to review all my favorite horror films from growing up, I bring you FROM BEYOND, a film adapted from the H.P. Lovecraft short story of the same name. FROM BEYOND is the second Lovecraft adaptation by director Stuart Gordon. The previous year Gordon made RE-ANIMATOR and blew horror audiences away. Gordon is … Continue reading

Evil Dead II (1987)

Evil Dead banner1

I realized the other day that I have some huge gaps in my reviews. Since 2009 I’ve been busy posting as may reviews as I can from all the various corners of the horror genre. I have the indie horror scene covered, I have the contemporary horror scene covered, and I have a decent coverage … Continue reading


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Here’s this week’s haul of newly released horror and sci-fi films: BLADE (1998)/BLADE II (2002)/BLADE: TRINITY (2004) Three-disc set includes “Blade,” “Blade II,” and the unrated version of “Blade: Trinity.” Being released on Blu-ray on 3/10/2015 DARK HAUL (2014) The transport of a bizarre, winged creature inside an 18-wheeler truck proves to be a dangerous enterprise, once … Continue reading

Tom Savini to Direct Remake of Lenzi’s Nightmare City

Nightmare City director

This is a pretty cool headline!! Tom Savini, the King of Splatter and Gore who essentially gave the good folks at FANGORIA magazine a career, is attached to direct a remake of the 1980 classic zombie flick by Umberto Lenzi, NIGHTMARE CITY. The film is also known as CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD, which shouldn’t be … Continue reading

February’s Love Bites: CRIMES OF PASSION (1984)


While preparing another entry in the February Love Bites mini-season of horror and horror-ish movies with love and romance as an element if not necessarily a theme, I’ve been working up the courage to watch TWILIGHT. But each time I start it, I end up switching it off after a few minutes. It’s like when you … Continue reading

February’s Love Bites: THE FLY (1986)

the-fly banner

Towards the end of January, Deggsy and I put our heads together to come up with a list of love-themed horror films. Apparently Deggsy knows how to follow through on a discussion because he’s been relentlessly watching and reviewing lovey-dovey horror films. I’ve been in la-la land lately and have been instead knocking films off … Continue reading

February’s Love Bites: MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981)


There was an ancient cinema in Queens where I grew up, the RKO Keiths Triplex. It was indeed ancient, having been around as a theatre during the days of Lincoln, but by the time I was able to ride the bus to get to it, it had seen better days. But its dilapidated state allowed … Continue reading

An American Werewolf in London: A Look Back at Werewolf Films

AAWIL banner

Frequent reader and fan of, Brandon Engel, felt it was time to look back on the classic film, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Being a huge fan of that film myself, who was I to refuse. Enjoy!! —– How fitting that there’s a full moon out tonight! It’s been 32nd years since the U.S. release … Continue reading

I, Madman (1989)

I Madman banner

(This is the next in a series of reviews of movies from the 70s and 80s, part of a small collection of horror and science fiction movies on videotape that I bought at a flea market before Christmas, some of which I haven’t seen since they first came out) This is a movie about a … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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