Over at RIP, Women in Horror Month Lasts all Year Long!!

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Having the shortest month of the year as the designated “Women in Horror” month always seemed pretty stupid to me. The contribution of female director’s is something that should be celebrated and encouraged all throughout the year, and the good folks over at the RIP Horror International Film Festival feel the same way. Check out the … Continue reading

Ripe N’ Bloody (2015) & Devil Makes Work (2014)


The horror short film is one of my favorite mediums. The ability to build a story and characters in such a short time takes a skilled hand and having a firm grasp on the filmmaking process. I’ve reviewed endless feature length films that would’ve earned more stars if only the filmmaker decided to do a … Continue reading

Tricia Lee Announces Her Next Film, One Drop

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We’re in full swing in Woman in Horror month and what better than to talk about Tricia Lee!! Lee is one of the hardest working women in filmmaking, having ten directorial projects under her belt including 2013’s SILENT RETREAT, which she also wrote, and 2014’s CLEAN BREAK. Her new film, ONE DROP, is slated for a … Continue reading

Dead Girls (2014)

Dead Girls banner

Being that February is “Women in Horror” month I decided to watch and review an anthology film centered around women. DEAD GIRLS is a 2014 anthology film containing three stories of girls who are murdered and come back from the grave to exact their revenge. The stories, including the wraparound, are filled with actresses making them … Continue reading

Patricia Chica to Screen Serpent’s Lullaby at the Horror Happens Film Showcase

Serpent's Lullaby banner

The news for Women in Horror month keeps rolling in!! This time Patricia Chica is up and will be screening her haunting film, SERPENT’S LULLABY at this year’s Horror Happens Film Showcase. Check out the press release for info on the screening and a plot crunch for the film: Horror Happens Productions present “SERPENT’S LULLABY” … Continue reading

Hell Fire (2012)

Hell Fire

Every so often a horror movie comes along that’s not afraid to mess round with the formula. It takes a new approach to storytelling and character development and is completely successful at giving the viewer something new. HELL FIRE is such a film. I can’t remember the last time I has so much fun watching … Continue reading

Patricia Chica Directs Morbid Segment for Massive Blood Drive PSA

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I’m a little against having a “Women in Horror” month. There’s so many talented women both behind and in front of the camera in the horror genre that all the various talent should be celebrated twelve months a year. Leaving my qualms aside, here’s a bit of good news. Award-winning director and filmmaker (she’s done … Continue reading

Official Poster Drops for Upcoming Anthology Film XX

XX banner

Here’s a project that’s at the top of my “Must See” list. XX is an all-female driven horror anthology that features films from some of the most talented women working in horror today. No details are known about the individual films yet, as many are either still shooting or are still in pre-production, but this … Continue reading

Chemical Peel (2014)

Chemical Peel banner

What a great name for a horror flick, eh!! Between the title, the poster art, and the all-female cast I was getting a THE DESCENT-body horror-CABIN FEVER kinda vibe from this one. CHEMICAL PEEL has all the elements to make a kick-ass, gory, engaging horror flick. Unfortunately the film doesn’t hit it out of the … Continue reading

Vampyres (1974)


In this Internet Age, where accessing porn is practically part of every Term and Condition that we agree to without ever reading them, it is easy to forget that it wasn’t until the late Sixties and early Seventies that bare flesh was allowable in the movies, with the groovy liberated era allowing a relaxation of … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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