Sharknado 3 To Hit Universal Orlando Resort

Sharknado 3 banner

The phenomena that is SHARKNADO is unstoppable. It already California. It already decimated New York City. What’s next? Florida!! (But seriously, who’d know). Director Anthony C. Ferrante is again returning for a SHARKNADO 3 hat trick and Thunder Levin is returning to write the script (he wrote all three SHARKNADO films). So far the film stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, … Continue reading

Are You Ready for Lavalantula??

Lavalantula banner

LAVALANTULA. Just let that word soak in for a few seconds. Yes indeed this is a movie coming to the SyFy channel that pairs together the product of an active volcano and a tarantula. LAVALANTULA!! The SyFy channel commissioned this low-budget “mockbuster” flick about giant lava-spewing tarantulas. Ya gotta love the SyFy channel!! In the film, giant … Continue reading

Ian Ziering & Tara Reid Confirmed to Star in Sharknado 3

sharknado3 banner

Coming as no surprise to me, the SyFy channel and The Asylum have officially announced SHARKNADO 3, and Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are returning to all the sharky goodness. Apparently a sharknado isn’t all that uncommon!! Anthony C. Ferrante, who directed the first two films, is returning to the director’s chair. Ferrante is directing a script … Continue reading

Screw Shark Week … Get Ready for Sharknado Week This July


  Let’s face it; Shark Week has become the predictable offerings of guys in shark cages and endless scenes of big ass sharks feeding off of huge hunks of meat on hooks. And after last years bullshit faux-documentary on megalodon sharks I’ve just about had it up to my blow hole with Shark Week. Lucky … Continue reading

SyFy Announces New Docu-Series, Town of the Living Dead


Here’s a SyFy Channel series I can get behind!! SyFy recently announced they will be airing the docu-series, TOWN OF THE LIVING DEAD, an unscripted series about a town trying to make a zombie film. Read on for the press release: SYFY ANNOUNCES NEW COMEDIC DOCUSERIES TOWN OF THE LIVING DEAD PREMIERES TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 AT 10PM … Continue reading

Zombie Night (2013)

ZN Banner 3

“Audiences don’t know somebody sits down and writes a picture.  They think the actors make it up as they go along.” -Sunset Boulevard (1950) It would certainly explain movies like ZOMBIE NIGHT. I speak not from the vantage point of a failed writer not having received the acclaim and recognition I think writers deserve. I have had six … Continue reading

SyFy to Unleash 2 New Series This January

SyFy banner

When it comes to the SyFy channel it’s almost like we’re dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  On the one hand you get ridiculous movies like SHARKNADO and the upcoming MEGA SHARK VS. MECHASHARK, and then you get well-mdae, original programming like EUREKA, WAREHOUSE 13, and HAVEN.  I always give SyFy’s original programming a … Continue reading

SyFy Developing Fantasy-Drama Series, Beowulf

Beowulf banner

According to, the SyFy channel has put into development a new fantasy-drama series based on the epic poem, BEOWULF: Syfy has put in development Beowulf a drama series adaptation of the classic Old English epic poem that further examines the hero’s rise to power and his feud with the monster Grendel. The BEOWULF project is being produced … Continue reading

Official Sales Artwork for Sharknado 2 Hits the Web

sharknado 2 banner

You knew that there wouldn’t be too much time that passed before more news on SHARKNADO 2 hit the web!!  Last we heard The Asylum settled on a name and a release date for the film.  There was a contest held on social media outlets where anyone could write in to name the upcoming film. … Continue reading

Trailer & Stills Drop for Avalanche Sharks, Coming to SyFy … Shocker!!

Avalanche Sharks banner

Yes folks, we’re in the second Golden Age of the Shark.  Sharks have always been a danger in the oceans, but now they can “swim” in the sand (SAND SHARKS), they can fused with other deadly creatures (SHARKTOPUS), and they can become part of natural disasters (SHARKNADO).  So instead of heading to the beaches this … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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