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New Release Round Up: Creature Feature (2015), Deviant Behavior (2017), & First Man on Mars (2016)

Here are three new indie films I recently watched. I didn’t feel as though there was enough to write about each one, so instead of adding the review full of nonsensical observations, I decided to include all three of these … Continue reading

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Don’t Hang Up (2016)

As a long time horror fan I’ve run through my share of teenage horror prank films. I figured that Don’t Hang Up would fall into the usual categories of predictable jump scares and severe mind numbing teenage antics. Directed by … Continue reading

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Hunting Grounds (2015) … Bigfoot, Little Originality

I love me a good Bigfoot film. I mean, seriously … what’s better than some unsuspecting schmucks getting hunted down and torn apart by some pissed off Yeti? When a Bigfoot film is done well, it’s a great ride. When … Continue reading

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Cult Classic Hideous! Finally Gets the Blu-ray Treatment

Charles Band’s Full Moon company has an interesting track record over the years. Whether you like, love, or despise Full Moon films, the one thing every horror fan can agree on is that Full Moon has had a major presence … Continue reading

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