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Thirst (2015) … Something Definitely Sucks Here!!

My time for watching movies has grown smaller of late; real life has that effect on you. So if I sit down and watch something that turns out to be bad, I may go a little overboard in condemning it, … Continue reading

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Love in the Time of Monsters (2014) … Watch Out for That Toxic Waste!!

Here’s a film with a really fun premise, good performances, some fun gore, and which has a decent premise. So why am I not raving about Love in the Time of Monsters  and telling you all to run out and … Continue reading

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Deathgasm (2015) … Metal & Monsters

We all know that metal music is a close neighbor to devil worship, demon summoning, and other nasty black art practices. Right? Right. But Deathgasm takes this idea to the next level. Deathgasm comes at us from New Zealand and writer-director Jason Lei … Continue reading

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Howl (2016) … Not the Allen Ginsberg Poem!!

I like werewolves. If I had to be either a vampire, a zombie or a werewolf, I’d be a werewolf. Vampires are whiny little bastards, and zombies stink, but as long as I had a heady supply of ketamine on … Continue reading

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