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Thirst (2015) … Something Definitely Sucks Here!!

My time for watching movies has grown smaller of late; real life has that effect on you. So if I sit down and watch something that turns out to be bad, I may go a little overboard in condemning it, … Continue reading

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The Last Case of August T. Harrison (2015) … Lovecraft-Inspired Madness

H.P. Lovecraft’s influence still has a strong presence in the contemporary horror genre. Lovecraft was more than just the “Man of Cosmic Horror.” One of his stronger themes include “madness in the face of abject horror.” We’ve all come across … Continue reading

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It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

Because I’m an old guy who grew up in the pre-Internet, pre-DVD Era and relied on old sci-fi movies being broadcast on Saturday afternoons on the local stations (Hi WPIX in New York! And WOR!). And when I try to … Continue reading

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Batman V Superman (2016)

There’s a scene in BATMAN V SUPERMAN where Lex Luthor is trying to enlist the help of Kentucky Junior Senator June Finch (Holly Hunter) as part of his schemes. But she refuses, rightly not trusting him, and quipping, “Don’t piss … Continue reading

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