Your Top 5 Horror Movies & Sub-Genres of All Time

I think by now it is clear what some of my favorite horror movies are. The original DAWN OF THE DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, MARTYRS, RE-ANIMATOR, and CANNIBAL FEROX definitely preoccupy my thoughts, and are the classics that I always go back to whenever I need to watch a classic horror film. I’m also a huge fan of the zombie, Lovecraftian, Italian cannibal, and werewolf sub-genres.


But what about all of you? I want to know what some of your favorite horror movies and sub-genres are!! Sound off in the comments section below. Tell me your all time favorite horror films of all time. You can either rank them i order or just list them as I did above. Also tell me your favorite sub-genre. There’s going to be some big changes to over the next four months and I want to involve all of you–my loyal readers–in those changes.

Looking forward to reading all your choices!!

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