Horror-Themed Furniture for Everyday Use


The one thing I love about horror fans is that they aren’t afraid to show the world how much they love the genre. Whether it’s dressing up as their favorite killer and attending horror conventions or just decorating one room of their house with all their horror posters and other horror-themed paraphernalia, horror fans are … Continue reading

Blue Ruin (2013)


Full Disclosure here: this is not a horror movie by most people’s standards. Not that this is in itself an impediment to putting up a review here: in the past, I’ve reviewed DJANGO UNCHAINED and RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and neither could arguably be called horror, either. What makes a horror film, … Continue reading

Chapman Bros. “Sum of All Evil” Kills Capitalism … & McDonalds!!

Chapman banner

Early in the Fall there was a new art display in Hong Kong titled, “The Sum of All Evil” by Jake and Dino Chapman.  The display shows mass graves full of dead and butchered bodies in various stages of decay, genocidal motifs, and depictions of violent death.  It also has many Ronald McDonald figures crucified … Continue reading

Researchers Claim to Have Proof Bigfoot Exists … or Do They??

bigfoot banner

When I was younger I was really fascinated with the myth of Bigfoot.  I mean come on; who wouldn’t be??  The possibility that some kind of as-yet undiscovered species has been living in various parts of the world eluding human beings for centuries is pretty damn cool.  Pretty damn cool especially when you add into … Continue reading

Real Life Horrors: Krokodil Finds it’s Way to North America

Investigation Reveals Widespread Drug Use In Australian Sport

[WARNING:  Below are some very disturbing and horrifying REAL pictures of the effects of the drug Krokodil.  These pictures are NOT special effects and are extremely disturbing.] In 2011 I posted two articles on the extremely dangerous Russian drug Krokodil (here and here).  Krokodil started rearing it’s ugle head in Russia among addicts who no … Continue reading

  • Classics!
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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