Plot Details Emerge for American Horror Story Season 3

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What’d ya think of season two of AMERICAN HORROR STORY? I thought this past season was incredibly intense and dark … very dark!! Recently, co-creator Ryan Murphy lifted the veil a bit pertaining to what we can expect from the next season of this amazing show. According to TV Guide: Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters … Continue reading

Red Band Trailer Drops for Kiss of the Damned



To paraphrase F Scott Fitzgerald, “The Australians are different to you and me”. They sure are: they have over three million species of indigenous flora and fauna that are lethal to anyone with less constitution than a Terminator, their children have to make their own shoes by catching and skinning crocodiles, they once elected a … Continue reading

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)


The original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was probably the most gruesome movie that people never saw. Oh, they may have watched some crappy bootleg videotape, or heard stories from their older brothers, and even spread the rumours about the unlimited amounts of gore in it, gore that was hardly there in reality. Made in 1974, Tobe … Continue reading

1st Clip for the Upcoming The Laughing Mask Drops … Are You Guilty?

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Writer-director Michael Aguiar has recently released the first clip for his upcoming feature, THE LAUGHING MASK. Check out the press release below for all the bloody details, followed by the clip: Director Michael Aguiar has released a preview for his upcoming title The Laughing Mask this week. Fans of horror can enjoy the film’s six … Continue reading

James Wan’s The Conjuring Gets a Summer 2013 Release Date

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I don’t know about you, but ever since seeing James Wan’s INSIDIOUS, I’ve been itching to see what he follows up that scare-fest with. Well earlier in 2012 we learned that Wan was working on the film, THE CONJURING, based on the book, “House of Darkness, House of Light: The True Story by Andrea Perron” … Continue reading

Tibor Takacs is Back in Familiar Territory with Spiders 3D!!

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Tibor Takacs. That name speaks more volumes than a “Cher” or “Madonna” ever could. You hear the name “Tibor Takacs” and immediately some great, over-the-top made for TV movies and SyFy Originals spring to mind. METEOR STORM; NYC: TORNADO TERROR; MEGA SNAKE; ICE SPIDERS; KRAKEN: TENTACLES OF THE DEEP; MANSQUITO … I could go on!! … Continue reading

Cell Count Continues to Tear Up the Festival Circuit


These are the kinds of stories I’m really proud and excited to share with you all.  The indie horror flick, CELL COUNT (my review), continues to blaze a trail through the festival circuit.  I really enjoyed this film and from talking with writer-director Todd E. Freeman I realize what a labour of love CELL COUNT has … Continue reading

First Still & Trailer Drop for At Silver Falls

Just got the press release for the upcoming genre flick, AT SILVER FALLS, the story of a series of unexplained deaths in a small town. Here’s the press release: NEWS ALERT (UK) – April 30, 2012 First image and clip from supernatural thriller AT SILVER FALLS ahead of Cannes screening AT SILVER FALLS, directed by … Continue reading

PIX/SEE Productions announces new horror film, SCARE TACTICS!

Pre-production has begun on SCARE TACTICS, a horror film featuring Bill Oberst, Jr.  Here’s the press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 22, 2012 –  Award winning Gregory Blair will direct horror film favorite Bill Oberst, Jr. in SCARE TACTICS—a twisted valentine to the genre. Blair, who also penned the script, says “Horror is … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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