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Get All Hopped Up on Easter Bunny Bloodbath

Ready for Easter? Ready for some Easter horrors? Well, you’re in luck. EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH is here and ready for viewing this Easter holiday season. EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH is written and directed by Richard Mogg and stars Shayan Bayat,  Meghan Kinsley,  Travis Turner, Adrian Daniels, Laura Hope, and Jessica Hill. … Continue reading

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Bigfoot Vs Zombies (2016)

I’ve never heard of Mark Polonia, but apparently he’s been directing, writing, producing, acting and probably catering his own movies since 1986. And he’s made dozens of them, none of which I’ve heard of either, though their titles will remind … Continue reading

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It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

Because I’m an old guy who grew up in the pre-Internet, pre-DVD Era and relied on old sci-fi movies being broadcast on Saturday afternoons on the local stations (Hi WPIX in New York! And WOR!). And when I try to … Continue reading

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