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Plan 9 (2015)

I really have to wonder about some filmmakers. Seriously, John Johnson, was there really a clamoring need to remake Ed Wood’s, uh, classic? I remember seeing a teaser trailer for this years ago, with a quick shot of a fast … Continue reading

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New Horror Films Coming to Shudder in December

There are a ton of articles out there highlighting the up and coming horror films being released on Netflix and Hulu. But for the true horror fan, they are looking forward to what is upcoming on Shudder. Shudder is a horror-focused streaming … Continue reading

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She’s Having a Baby (2012) & Leaning (2014) … Demons & Crazy Bitches!!

I’m on a roll with short films!! Lately, I’ve been watching some really well-made and engrossing short films. Here are two older shorts that haven’t lost any impact over the years and which are all worth your time. SHE’S HAVING … Continue reading

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Short Film, Apocalypse: The Hooker, Drops

  Statistically, there’s gotta be a few whores who survive the apocalypse, right? Well, the new short film, Apocalypse: The Hooker, exports this. RynoRyder/Boyer Productions is a newly formed Los Angeles-based company, and they are releasing their short film, Apocalypse: The Hooker. The … Continue reading

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