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Upcoming 2017 Horror Films … Let the Trailers Begin!!

Here are some trailer for upcoming 2017 horror films. These are looking pretty tight!! Enjoy. The Blackcoat’s Daughter — Written and directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton, this one is about two girls who must battle a mysterious evil … Continue reading

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Frozen Meets The Thing … & It’s Brilliant!!

This one needs very little by way of explanation. Take the characters from Frozen; combine with the blood testing scene from The Thing. Add in a bunch of claymation and you’ve got yourself one bad ass scene!! Let me know what … Continue reading

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The 40 Greatest Horror Movie Jump Scares

The jump scare. Effective? It can be. Overused? You bet ya!! We here at Anything Horror do appreciate a solid, well-placed jump scare, but we also tire of lazy filmmakers who overused these to get a cheap scare from the … Continue reading

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Watch all Eps of The Witching Season Right Here!!

Here’s a fun little series I let slip through the cracks last Halloween. THE WITCHING SEASON is a horror anthology made up of several short films, all with a Halloween theme. Being that it’s July, I know I could use … Continue reading

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