Carpenter Returning to Haddonfield!!

Halloween2Almost 40 years after John Carpenter made his seminal HALLOWEEN, reported are comiong in that he is returning to Haddonfield!! According to ComingSoon, Carpenter has signed on to executive produce the upcoming new HALLOWEEN sequel, and is, allegedly, set to write the score to the film.

Trancas International, Miramax, and Blumhouse are …

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7 Upcoming Horror Films in 2016 to Keep Your Eyes On

The_Darkness_posterWe’re just about half way through 2016 and I must admit that I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the horror offerings thus far. But let’s not focus on the past; let’s look to the future and see some of the horror films coming out this summer. There looks like a few … Read More...

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10 Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix

Everyone is aware of the big, blockbuster films that are released on Netflix every month, but few are aware of the films that are quietly released on the popular streaming service. Such films often sit around Netlfix and are seldom viewed until their license expires and then they disappear from … Read More...

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