She’s Having a Baby (2012) & Leaning (2014) … Demons & Crazy Bitches!!


I’m on a roll with short films!! Lately, I’ve been watching some really well-made and engrossing short films. Here are two older shorts that haven’t lost any impact over the years and which are all worth your time.

She's Having a Baby1

SHE’S HAVING A BABY! is expertly directed by Chris Smellin and Robert Smellin Read More...

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The Horde (2016) … Mutants & Meth!!

The Horde banner

No, this isn’t the 2009 French zombie flick, The Horde, this is the 2016 flick that borrows plot elements from a few different sources. The Horde is written by Paul Logan, who also stars as John Crenshaw, an ex-SEAL who accompanies his girlfriend, Selina (Tiffany Brouwer) to the woods for Read More...

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Love in the Time of Monsters (2014) … Watch Out for That Toxic Waste!!

Love in the Time of Monsters banner2

Here’s a film with a really fun premise, good performances, some fun gore, and which has a decent premise. So why am I not raving about Love in the Time of Monsters  and telling you all to run out and see this? Well, when a ninety-seven minute movie feels … Read More...

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