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Feature Film of the Short, Red Love, is in the Works … & There’s a Teaser Trailer

Back in December 2014 I watched a reviewed a short film titled, RED LOVE. The short was about you rather unique individuals who fall in love over their common interest. Sure that interest might be their affinity for killing other people, but in this crazy world of ours lovers need to take what they can … Continue reading


Sharknado 3 Gets Official Title & Release Date

I don’t know if you’ve been following entertainment news, but there’s apparently been a strike on the set of SHARKNADO 3. I don’t know what’s going on and personally I don’t care. That’s not news to me so I haven’t covered it. But recently it was announced when SHARKNADO 3 would air, on the SyFy … Continue reading

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Here’s this week’s offerings. There’s a ton of old-school gems and a few classics. Let’s get to it!! AMUCK! (1972) Looking into the vanishing of her ex-lover–who’d been an assistant to the wealthy American novelist Richard Stuart (Farley Granger)–Greta Franklin (Barbara Bouchet) knocks at the writer’s Venice mansion to apply for the now-vacant position. Her pose, … Continue reading

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Official Trailer & Poster Drop for Insidious: Chapter 3

The June 5, 2015 release date for INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 looms ever closer and the PR machine is in full motion. New artwork (click on the poster for a higher res copy) and the official trailer were recently released. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is written and directed by Leigh Whannell and stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Lin Shaye, Tate Berney, and Steve Coulter (Whannell also reprises his … Continue reading

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From Beyond (1986)

In my quest to review all my favorite horror films from growing up, I bring you FROM BEYOND, a film adapted from the H.P. Lovecraft short story of the same name. FROM BEYOND is the second Lovecraft adaptation by director Stuart Gordon. The previous year Gordon made RE-ANIMATOR and blew horror audiences away. Gordon is … Continue reading

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Casting & Other News Drops for Fifth Season of American Horror Story

I’ll admit it … I’ve kinda gotten over the whole AMERICAN HORROR STORY praising. Aside from the acting, I though the third season, COVEN, was a disaster. Between characters constantly coming back from the dead and all the melodrama and in-fighting from the young witches, I couldn’t get into the third season at all. With essentially … Continue reading

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Insidious: Chapter 3 Drops New International Trailer & the Possibility of a Shared Universe?

And the INSIDIOUS franchise keeps trudging along!! INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is a prequel to the previous two films. This installment is written and directed by Leigh Whannell, who wrote the first INSIDIOUS as well as the first three SAW films and DEAD SILENCE. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Lin Shaye, Steve Coulter, Hayley Kiyoko, Ashton Moio, … Continue reading

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Monsters: Dark Continent Drops Release Date & New Trailer

I’m feeling better and better about this film every time I read something new about it!! MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is a sequel to Gareth Edwards’ 2010 film MONSTERS and is directed by Tom Green, written by Green and Jay Basu, and stars Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, Joe Dempsie, Nicholas Pinnock, Kyle Soller, Parker Sawyers, and Sofia Boutella. Check out the plot crunch: Ten years on … Continue reading

Grit Film Works Filming 2 Horror Films Back to Back

The production company Grit Film Works may be new on the scene, but they definitely aren’t newbies to filmmaking!! Grit Film Works is owned by filmmakers James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward and these two guys the indie horror scene. Both have already made an indelible mark on the genre and I’m really looking forward to seeing what these two can accomplish … Continue reading

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Evil Dead II (1987)

I realized the other day that I have some huge gaps in my reviews. Since 2009 I’ve been busy posting as may reviews as I can from all the various corners of the horror genre. I have the indie horror scene covered, I have the contemporary horror scene covered, and I have a decent coverage … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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