Frankenhooker (1990)

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“Wanna date? Going out? Looking for some action? Horror filmmaker Frank Henenlotter is one of the few directors who has been able to capture the sleaze and depravity of the lost, bygone 42nd Street/Grindhouse era. Henenlotter is of course the director of 1982s BASKET CASE, 1988s BRAIN DAMAGE, BASKET CASE’s sequels, and 2008s criminally overlooked BAD BIOLOGY. All of … Continue reading

Henenlotter’s Long Awaited Basket Case 3: The Progeny Finally Coming to DVD!!

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Do you have those kinda friends, those really good, close friends, that you may not talk to all that often and whom you see even less? But even though you don’t see or hear from them often you consider them your best friends? Why? Because you have a history with that person — some great … Continue reading

Frank Henenlotter to be Honored in NYC November 4-6

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Anthology Film Archives is honoring and celebrating the career of one of the genre’s best, Frank Henenlotter in New York City this November 4-6.  They are presenting a retrospective of some of his and the genre’s best horror films, BASKET CASE 1 & 2, BRAIN DAMAGE, and FRANKENHOOKER.  Why the hell do I live in … Continue reading

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