Landis, Carpenter, & Cronenberg Discuss Horror … On a Cable Access Show!!

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This has to be one of the most bizarre stories I’ve written about on Anything Horror!! Back in the early 1980s, filmmaker Mick Garris talked about horror films with directors David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, and John Landis in a program that originally aired on the Los Angeles based Z-Channel. This was like the horror version of an archeologist who discovered … Continue reading

My Favorite Crazy Mothers in Films

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Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this day than sitting down and watching some great crazy mom-themed horror films? Below is my list of the bat-shit craziest bunch of mom’s you’ll ever meet. Who are your favorite crazy mom’s from film? Who did I miss? Note that this list is in … Continue reading

February’s Love Bites: THE FLY (1986)

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Towards the end of January, Deggsy and I put our heads together to come up with a list of love-themed horror films. Apparently Deggsy knows how to follow through on a discussion because he’s been relentlessly watching and reviewing lovey-dovey horror films. I’ve been in la-la land lately and have been instead knocking films off … Continue reading

Rabid (1977)

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This is the raw, gruesome, and disturbing Cronenberg I love. RABID is one of David Cronenberg’s body horror masterpieces (along with SHIVERS, THE BROOD, VIDEODROME, and THE FLY). Fans of both David Cronenberg and Anything Horror will be familiar with the sub-genre in horror known as “body horror.” In this sub-genre the human body itself … Continue reading

More Horror Remakes on the Horizon!!

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The remakes may be slowing down a bit, but they are far from done.  We of course have remakes of CARRIE and ROBOCOP coming up soon, but beyond that I don’t think we’ll be hurting for any remakes.  First up is a remake of PATRICK, a remake of the 1978 Australian cult film.  The original is about … Continue reading

Videodrome (1983)


I’m reposting my review of VIDEODROME due to it being one of my all time favorite genre flicks and because when I originally posted this, back in January of 2010, it was the early days of this website when I didn’t have many visitors.  This way everyone can know experience the love I have for … Continue reading

New Trailer for Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis Drops

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Aahhh David Cronenberg. Just saying or writing his name take she back to my carefree, youthful days in the 1980’s when I first discovered his films. THEY CAME FROM WITHIN, RABID, SCANNERS, etc … Cronenberg always had a lot to say and he always said it in his own voice!!The film I was most drawn … Continue reading

David Cronenberg to Direct & Exec Produce the TV Show, Knifeman!!


Cronenberg may be taking a step closer to his “body horror” roots with the upcoming TV project, KNIFEMAN.  According to, Oscar nominee Tim Roth has signed on to play the lead role and David Cronenberg is set to direct the pilot and executive produce the series.  The show centers on John Tattersall (Roth), a radical, self-educated … Continue reading

Timecrimes Remake Might Be Back On … Check out the Two People Interested

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Have you seen the Spanish film TIMECRIMES? It’s a time travel film from 2007 that many reviewers call, “The best time travel movie ever made” and that it’s a “near perfect” film. Hhmmm. I disagree … big time. I thought TIMECRIMES was laughable and easily one of the worst films I saw in 2007. But … Continue reading

Final News on Cronenberg’s The Fly Sequel … It Ain’t Good!!

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Sometimes no matter how hard we all collectively pray, plead, and curse we don’t always get what we want. Take David Cronenberg’s involvement with a sequel to his hugely successful and bad ass 1986 film, THE FLY. Just last month there was talk that Cronenberg had written a sequel to THE FLY (see my article … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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