Scary Movie 5 Trailer Drops … I Think the Mayan’s Were Right!!

scary movie banner

Stop what you’re doing everyone!! A franchise that has already overstayed it’s welcome by about two films and which has filled the most recent film full of actors we cold all give a fuck about has dropped it’s trailer. Yes; I’m talking about SCARY MOVIE 5 and I’m sure it’s going to suck out loud!! … Continue reading

More Casting News Drops for Scary Movie 5


According to, Heather Locklear is locked in on the new SCARY MOVIE 5 cast. Locklear will play the mother of a young dancer, and the role is suspiciously similar to that of Barbara Hershey’s role in BLACK SWAN. Remember the good old days when Heather Locklear WAS the young dancer!! SCARY MOVIE 5 is … Continue reading

Director Named for Scary Movie 5


Okay … I’m going out on a limb here and assuming someone care about this news. Look, SCARY MOVIE 1 & 2 were pretty damn funny. I loved the Wayans Brother’s perspective on the horror genre. But now here I am announcing who the director to part 5 is gonna be. Malcolm Lee, who directed … Continue reading

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