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It’s Official: Mockingbird Lane Gets Boarded Up

What a cluster f**k-train wreck of a process MOCKINGBIRD LANE has been, but mercifully it’s over. MOCKINGBIRD LANE, you may remember, was an updated reboot of the classic TV show, THE MUNSTERS. The project was written by Bryan Fuller and … Continue reading

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MOCKINGBIRD LANE (2012) … Successful, Despite Itself!!

We’ve had a lot of hoopla about the reboot of THE MUNSTERS, MOCKINGBIRD LANE. We know we pretty much hate the notion of redoing a classic comedy from our childhood. We’ve seen the pictures of the family and how utterly … Continue reading

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Bryan Fuller Hopeful that Mockingbird Lane can Still Be Saved

The main question is, “Why??” Just a few weeks ago I reported that THE MUNSTERS reboot series, MOCKINGBORD LANE, was pretty much dead in the water and that NBC wasn’t gonna move forward with it (article here). I was okay … Continue reading

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NBC Munsters Reboot, Mockingbird Lane, Unlikely to Move Forward

In some not very surprising news, according to deadline.com, the MUNSTERS reboot, MOCKINGBIRD LANE, is unlikely to move forward: It looks like NBC‘s Mockingbird Lane pilot won’t be going to series. There is no final decision, but I hear that … Continue reading

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