Meet Indie Horror Filmmaker James Balsamo & See Bite School for Free!!

One of the hardest working men in the indie horror scene is James Balsamo. For the last five years, Balsamo has given us a film each year and has made sure to make each film for over-the-top and fun than the film before it. From his horror anthology, HACK JOB, to the more serious I SPILL YOUR GUTS, to the gonzo craziness of COOL AS HELL and CATCH OF THE DAY, Balsamo’s films are fun as hell and capture the spirit of the old school Troma films beautifully.

Bite School2

And now Balsamo is back with BITE SCHOOL, his first foray into–you guessed it–vampires!! BITE SCHOOL is written and directed by Balsamo and in addition to him headlining the cast, also stars Paul FearsRon Jeremy, Mandy Cat Kitana, Roy Frumkes, Butch Patrick, Frank Mullen, Edward X. Young, and Jasmin St. Claire.

Balsamo will be doing a signing and a free screening for BITE SCHOOL. Check out the press release below, which also contains the plot crunch for BITE SCHOOL:

Bite School3



James Balsamo will be signing free autographs at the GWARBQ at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond Virginia this weekend Aug 14th-15th. GWAR and Acid Bath Productions have been working together since 2011 when the late Dave Brockie first appeared in James Balsamo’s first feature Hack Job. Flash forward to this years GWARBQ. Several of the bands playing this years heavy metal, meat filled cook out are featured in Acid Bath Productions films! Bands like Goatwhore, American Sharks, Ghoul, and even current members of GWAR out of costume! For more info on the GWARBQ go here
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Next week there will also be a free screening of James Balsamo’s new film Bite School at the Screenland Crossroads in Kansas City. The screening will take place on Thursday Aug 20th at 8PM. If you can’t make the screening you can meet James Balsamo at Crypticon in Kansas City over the weekend of August 21-23rd. For more info on the screening go here.
The Synopsis for Bite School:
Tony never thought a toilet plunger-shaped stake would save his life. Fast cars and big-breasted supermodels could be a thing of the past when Tony’s life takes a sudden change after his grandfather cuts him off from his inheritance – that is, unless Tony goes to night school to get his GED. With his fortune on the line, Tony has no choice but to go back to school, where he falls in love with his classmate Vicky, a vampire princess, and makes friends with her roommate a Hawaiian-shirt wearing, pot smoking bat named Spat. Vicky, the heir to the throne of a vampire underworld, wants nothing more than to abandon her royalty, but a power-hungry high priestess is hell bent on taking Vicky’s crown anyway. When a blood moon rises, the priestess shows her true form as a two-headed bat creature with a snake body. Armed only with his plunger, Tony will need to stop her from destroying the world. But killing the beast and studying for a final won’t be easy. See the most outrageous vampire horror-comedy that doesn’t suck. It’s an education you can really sink your teeth into
You can pre-order the film at

Head over to Acid Bath Productions website and pre-order BITE SCHOOL!! Balsamo is one of the most fun indie filmmakers out there who is sure to shock and disgust you in his films. I can’t think of another filmmaker who looks like they are having more fun making a film than Balsamo!! Check out the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

Bite School poster

Release Date Drops for Newest Balsamo Film, Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day posterSome people just can’t sit back and enjoy a fun horror film loaded up with gore, titties, heavy metal/death metal, and more gore.  I’m of course talking about indie horror filmmaker, James Balsamo who came on the scene in 2011 with the very fun horror flick, HACK JOB (my review).  This film set the tone for how Balsamo approaches all of his films.  Balsamo loves the horror genre and you can actually feel his energy in each frame.  Then in 2012 he came out with his second film, I SPILL YOUR GUTS (my review), and then earlier this year he released COOL AS HELL (my review).  Look; Balsamo’s films aren’t gonna win any Oscars, but you will have a fun time with all the gore he throws around (quite literally most times) and with the hilarious dialogue and characters.

Balsamo’s latest flick, CATCH OF THE DAY, sounds like his funnest project to date.  Balsamo not only writes and directs CATCH OF THE DAY but also stars in it along with Jeff Kim, Tuesday Knight, Irwin Keyes, Kara Hankard, Debbie Rochon, Johnny Legend, Jennifer Banko, Carmine Capobianco, and Frank Mullen.  Check out the plot crunch:

Officer Rod Davis becomes embedded undercover when a cartel starts bringing drugs into the city through fish shipments. He soon finds himself and his city under siege when a scientist accidentally creates mutant fish people with a poisonous bite. It’s up to the rookie cop and a sexy lab assistant to find the drug stash and destroy the crime lord controlling the mutant monsters, but it turns personal when Rod’s sister is kidnapped. Are they fighting giant mutant fish monsters just for the halibut? See the badge, bass, and ass in a horror-comedy that you won’t want to throw back… because it’s the “Catch of the Day.”

Now dig on the trailer:

CATCH OF THE DAY is being released on October 19, 2013.  You can check out more info on CATH OF THE DAY on the official Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and check out their official website (where you can also pre-order CATCH OF THE DAY).

Stay Bloody!!!

Cool as Hell (2013)

COOL-AS-HELL-POSTER3_jpg21-647x1024James Balsamo is back and brings with him his no-holds-barred style of guerrilla-filmmaking that reminds me a lot of the old school Troma flicks from Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz (you know, before they had budgets). COOL AS HELL marks Balsamo’s third feature length film and he’s showing no signs of slowing down (he’s already announced his next film, MYSTERY MEAT, set to drop later this year). The themes in COOL AS HELL are the same as his previous entries: Death metal, gore, laughs, and a frantic pace. Balsamo’s films may not be perfect but I always find myself having a really fun time with them.

COOL AS HELL follows Rich (Balsamo) and Benny (Dan E. Danger), two very experienced underachievers who live for comic books, attempting to pick up girls way outta their league in bars, and partying hard. One day Rich meets the woman of his dreams, Ashley (Lauren Adamkiewicz) but she’s already dating a total douche-nozzle named Sal (Frank Mullen). Sal is abusive and neglectful towards her, he’s a thug by trade, and he’s just a repulsive person to be around in general. One day Rich runs into a low level demon named Az (Billy Walsh) he was summoned to earth to scare someone, but Rich interrupts and the demon becomes enthralled to him. At first Rich doesn’t know what to do with Az, but soon it becomes apparent that Az is a party demon. So Az, Rich, and Benny start hanging around with Az showing them the finer points of partying like a complete maniac.

Unfortunately something followed Az through the portal and now there’s a soul-eating demon and loads of zombies to deal with. So Rich and Benny must decide real fast whether to abandon their party ways or to grow up and become feared Demon Slayers. We all know which road they take.

indie filmmaker James Balsamo
indie filmmaker James Balsamo

COOL AS HELL is just like Balsamo’s other films: It’s a super low/no budgeter with lots of amateur actors. By the very nature of COOL AS HELL, I should have hated it. Yet Balsamo again injects a high level of energy into all his scenes and really creates an entertaining, gory genre flick that never takes itself too serious but always delivers on the fun. My criticisms of this film are the same as in his previous movies. Some scenes could’ve been trimmed down to create a tighter final product and I find the (over)use of the blaring death metal music in all the gore scenes a little distracting. The music takes the focus off of the gore, and the problem with this is that Balsamo is a pretty damn talented f/x artist!! Balsamo, once again, wears a lot of hats in COOL AS HELL. He’s the lead actor, writer, director, producer. editor, and production designer. He’s a true indie horror filmmaker. We also get some fun genre cameos. Indie horror filmmaker Donald Farmer, Laurence R. Harvey from HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, and horror f/x guru Tom Savini to name a few.

COOL AS HELL proves once again that James Balsamo is here to stay and that the indie horror scene is alive and thriving. COOL AS HELL is a fun, no-brainer genre flick that’s works best watching it with some buddies and some booze. Check this one out.

My Summary:

Director: James Balsamo (& writer)

Plot: 3 out of 5 stars

Gore: 6 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem: 2 out of 5 brains

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer

Red Band Trailer Drops for Balsamo’s Cool As Hell

cool-as-hell-poster3_jpgIndie horror filmmaker James Balsamo is one hard working sonuvabitch!!  He’s been hard at work in post-production on COOL AS HELL, his upcoming film, and there’s no sign of him letting up any time soon (see my previous article on Balsamo here).  COOL AS HELL is written, directed, and stars Balsamo and also stars Tom Savini, HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 psycho Laurence R. Harvey, Frank Mullen, David Naughton, Frank Mullen, Donald Farmer, and Andrew W.K.  Check out the plot crunch:

Rich and Benny are having trouble with the ladies, until they befriend a demon named Az. It’s a non-stop party until a soul hungry beast leaps through an open portal from the underworld and starts terrorizing the town. It’s up to Az and the boys to send the creature back to the depths where it came from, and look good, while doing it in “Cool As Hell”.

If you’ve seen any of Balsamo’s previous films you know you’re in for a lot of gore, a lot of black comedy, a lot of death metal, and a lot of fun.  Check out the red band trailer and tell me what you think:

COOL AS HELL is set to drop on February 19, 2013.

Stay Bloody!!!

Balsamo is Back and is Cool as Hell!!

James Balsamo is a busy man.  Balsamo has made two feature-length films in the last two years and it looks as though he has no intentions of slowing down!!  His first film, HACK JOB, was a horror anthology (my review) and covered just about every horror sub-genre you could think of (I think it also created some new genres along the way!!).  I SPILL YOUR GUTS (my review) was a more traditional narrative and really captured the heyday of the exploitation/grindhouse flick.  Now Balsamo is back with COOL AS HELL, a horror-comedy set for a December 1, 2012 release.  Check out the press release:


August 23, 2012


NEW YORK, NY – Acid Bath Productions, the makers of “Hack Job” and “I Spill Your Guts”, has announced the official release date of December 01, 2012 for a brand new Horror Comedy, “Cool as Hell”. Directed by James Balsamo, this intense demon-centric masterpiece is bound to get you excited.

Rich and Benny are having trouble with the ladies, until they befriend a demon named Az. It’s a non-stop party until a soul hungry beast leaps through an open portal from the underworld and starts terrorizing the town. It’s up to Az and the boys to send the creature back to the depths where it came from, and look good, while doing it in “Cool As Hell”.

“Cool As Hell” features horror legend Tom Savini, Carmine Capobianco, 3 Inches Of Blood, Municipal Waste, and lead singer of Suffocation, Frank Mullen. The film stars James Balsamo, Billy Walsh, and Lauren Adamkiewicz. “Cool as Hell” is slated for a December release.



Be sure to check out the official COOL AS HELL Facebook Page.