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The Innkeepers (2011) … Just Like a 70s TV Movie

Ti West seems to be a director whom people either love or hate. His previous movies, THE ROOST, CABIN FEVER 2 and HOUSE OF THE DEVIL divided people, some calling them boring and derivative, others loving the attention to detail … Continue reading

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Ti West’s The Innkeepers Gets a Firm Release Date

Oh Ti West.  Your films have been a mixed bag.  I’ve definitely hated more of his films than I’ve loved, but I can see that West has one helluva good eye for horror and that he LOVES the horror genre. … Continue reading

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Official Green Band Trailer Drops for Ti West’s The Innskeepers

I’ve been hearing about Ti West’s THE INNSKEEPERS for a while now, but it looks like it’s finally happening. The official trailer for West’s latest film is here. Now I’m not gonna pretend to be all excited about this one. … Continue reading

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